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Theo. Midterm Review

Theology Midterm on Thurday 1/24

the dogma that God's eternal Son assumed a human nature and became man in order to save us Incarnation
God established his first biblical covenant with him Noah
the sign of God's covenant with Abraham Circumcision
the Second story of creation intends to show that man and woman are _____ and complementary Equal
one of the religious truths taught by the first story of creation is that there is only ___ God one
the Promised Land Canaan
the firstborn son of Isaac who should have received his families inheritance Esau
the sign of God's covenant with Noah and a symbol of God's presence Rainbow
the Lord provided this for the chosen people while they were in the desert Manna
the foundation story in the History of the Chosen people Exodus
the ______ tribes of Israel twelve
for the Israelites to escape the tenth plague the had to kill an unblemished ____ Lamb
the opening verses of Genesis reveal that God intended human beings to be ________ of creation Stewards
the first story of creation draws on the Israelite tradition of the _____ day week seven
Jews associate the serpent in the story of the Fall with the _____ Devil
God changed his name to signify that he would be the father of a multitude. Abraham
the central figure in the Pentateuch whose name means to draw Moses
the symbol for God to the Chosen People Alter
a symbol of life to the Chosen People Blood
one who contends with God Israel
this type of law is the expression of what a person knows is his or her own soul to be right or wrong Natural
an inclination to commit sin concupiscence
this event is essential to both Christian and Jewish faith Passover
this story highlights humanities pride in trying to erect a multi-storied temple Babel
the penance of the Chosen People was to wander in the desert for _____ years Forty
he prefigures Jesus in the story of Abraham Isaac
in the ancient world, the power to ____ signaled control over it name
God appears to Moses in this Burning Bush
the pharoah was finally convinced to free the Israelites after God sent these Plagues
a trait of God that refers to his total otherness and being infinitely beyond and independent of creation Transcendance
trait of God which refers to his intimate union with and total presence to his creation Immanence
Created by: jennahamilton