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Triple A

Exploring your purpose for attending college

Why is college important to our society? Because college is the primary way in which people achieve upward social mobility or the ability to attain a higher standard of living.
Why is college important to you? college is important to me because it will bring me to the places i want to be and who i want to be and that's being successful in life and having a career
what are the differences between high school and college? academically high school prepares you for college it also gives you broader view of the diversity of different cultures
What is your purpose for college To find my passion in what ill be good at
What causes you to become overwhelmed in college? When you try to fit everything in with your work and hanging out with your friends while doing college
What are the keys to emma's success building a solid foundation in time-management skills
What are some of the most often cited differences between high school and college? autonomy, or independence,and greater responsibility
What are some strategies for overcoming procrastination? -Remind you of the possible consequences -create a to-do list -Break big jobs into smaller steps -promise yoursilfe a reward for finishing the task -find a place to study -don't talk on the phone,sent email or text messages
Describe the findings from the researchers at carleton university Students that procrastinate avoid confronting other tasks that are unhealthy to there work study
What are some of the greatest challenges in prioritizing If you are working on getting a good grade in class you might have to skip out on a job or something as a example so that comes to prioritizing with your time management
What mistakes are made by many first-year students? Skipping class and not taking their assignments seriously.
How many hours a week should you study? 30 hours per week
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