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Resp 3 III

Breath sounds

Crackles (fine) only on inspiration -Crumpling cellophane or rubbing hair between fingers - DOES NOT go away with cough -alveolar secretion - POPPING (alveolar opening)
What diseases for fine crackles atelectasis, pulmonary edema, pneumonia
Crackles (coarse) SNORING -clear with cough -POPPING indicates secretions in airway
What diseases for coarse crackles bronchitis, pneumonia
Wheezing HIGH Pitch noise, MUSICAL - Does not clear with cough - small airway constriction
What diseases are for wheezing asthma, emphysema
Stridor inpsiration high pitch CROWING sound - -large airway constriction of partial obstruction
What are the diseases for stridor croup, swelling trachea, large airway partial obstruction
Pleural Friction Rub CREAKY LEATHER sound, -indicates of inflamed pleural lining
What are the diseases for pleural friction rub pleural effusion, and pleurisy
Flatness absolute short dead, solid material tumor or atelectasis, consolidation
Dullness THUD pneumonia
Resonance NORMAL low pitch sound (easily heard)
Hyperressonance LOUD BOOM sound easily heard in kids
Tymphany MUSICAL (wheezing) - air filled stomach, not normal with if air filled in chest Pneumothorax and asthma
What has decreased resonance flatness and dullness
What had increased resonance hyperressonance and Tymphany(wheezing)
bronchial over trachea
bronchial vesicular upper half of sternum
vesicular soft muffled over lung peripheral area
Created by: TnJFarrington12
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