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Advanced Composits

PT1: Fiber Glass and advanced composits1-38

Carbon Fibers Fibers produced from pyrolytic degradation of synthetic organic fibers ex:PAN or Rayon
Adherend a part prepared for bonding
Adhesion a mechanical or chemical interface between two surfaces
Adhesive Failure break in the adhesive bond
Air-Bubble Void air-entrapment
Autoclave an enclosed object while undergoing a chemical reaction (with or without heat)
Batch aka LOT, a quantity of material formed having identical characteristics through-out
Bias Fabric a fabric in which warp and fill fibers are at an angle to the length
Bleeder Cloth not part of final composite but is used to "bleed" out excess gas and resin during cure
Bond Strength the amount of adhesion between bonded surfaces
Breather loosely woven material like glass fabric that doesn't come into contact with resin, and is later removed b4 final composite
Bridging Condition when fibers don't conform to corners resulting in voids and dimensional problems
Core the central component of a sandwich structure
Core Crush compression of the core
Cross Laminated layers of material laminated
Cure a chemical reaction with or without heat
Cure Cycle time/temp/pressure cycle used to cure a resin system
Curing Agent a catalytic agent added to resin to speed up process
Debulking manual cure cycle used to prevent wrinkles
Delamination the separation of laminated plastic material
Compressive Strength a materials ability to resist a force that tends to crush or buckle
Composite a material created from a fiber to enhance performance properties
Cohesive Failure failure of an adhesive joint
Cohesion the force holding a single substance together
Co-Cured cured and simultaneously bonded to another prepared surface
Cell a hexagonal shaped honey-comb core
Cavity the female portion of the mold
Catalyst the drying or curing process
Draft Angle The angle of a mold that requires removal of the finished part
Dry Laminate a laminate containing insufficient resin for complete bonding
Dry Lay up construction of a laminate on mold followed by bag molding or autoclave
E-Glass Electrical Glass EX:battery, AGM glass mat bat, boats, shower,etc. (used where ever Fiber glass will get wet-water attacks resin not the mat)
Exotherm the evolution of heat during the curing of a plastic product
Fatigue the failure or decay of mechanical properties after repeated applications of stress
Fatigue Strength maximum cyclical stress a material can hold b4 failure occurs
Fraying Surface the surfaces of material in contact with each other
Fiber Direction the alignment of the fiber in respect to a stated reference
Fiber Orientation the fiber alignment in a non-woven or mat laminate
Created by: marinemadness