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Strings & Brass: con cordini (or con sord.) with mutes
String & Brass: senza sordini ( or senza sord.) without mutes
String: arco play with the bow (a direction after pizzicato)
Strings: v and bowing marks
Strings: a slur over or under notes means that they are to be played in one stroke of the bow
String: pizzicato plucked
Strings: sul G play on the G string
Strings: sul ponticello play near the bridge
Piano: una corda (literally one string) press the left pedal
Piano: tre corde (literally three strings) release the left pedal
Piano: Ped or P_________ press/release the right pedal
Piano: mano hand: mano sinistra or m.s (left hand) mano destra or m.d. (right hand)
Piano: spread the notes of a chord quickly, starting from the bottom note
affettuoso tenderly
affrettando hurrying
amabile amiable, pleasant
appassionato with passion
calando getting softer, dying away ( and usually slowing down)
cantando singing
come as, similar to (come prima: as before or come soppra: as above)
facile easy
fuoco fire
giusto proper, exact (tempo giusto: in strict time)
l'istesso the same (l'istesso tempo: at the same speed)
morendo dying away
niente nothing
nobilmente nobly
perdendosi dying away
possibile possible (presto possibile: as fast as possible)
quasi as if, resembling
sonoro resonant, with rich tone
sopra above
sotto below (sotto voce: in an undertone)
veloce swift
voce voice
a to, at
anime animated, lively
assez enough, sufficiently
avec with
cedez yield, relax the sound
douce sweet
en dehors prominent (a direction to make a melody stand out)
et and
legerement light
lent slow
mais but
moins less
modere at a moderate speed
non not
peu little
plus more
presser hurry (en pressant: hurrying on)
ralentir slow down
retenu held back (en retenant: holding back, slowing a little)
sans without
tres very
un, une one
vif lively
vite quick
Created by: flutistastrid
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