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Top 200 Drugs

Brand NameGeneric NameMajor ClassSub-Class
Bayer aspirin, Ecotrin acetylsalicylic acid (ASA) Analgesic NSAID
Aleve, Naprosyn, Anaprox naproxen Analgesic NSAID
Motrin, Advil ibuprofen Analgesic NSAID
Tylenol acetaminophen (APAP) Analgesic Salicylates, Non-NSAID
Tylenol #3 acetaminophen + codeine (30 mg) Analgesic Non-NSAID + opiate C-lll
Tylenol #4 acetaminophen + codeine (60 mg) Analgesic Non-NSAID + opiate C-lll
Endocet, Percocet oxycodone + acetaminophen Analgesic Non-NSAID + opiate C-ll
Lortab, Vicodin hydrocodone + acetaminophen Analgesic Opioid + NSAID C-lll
Celebrex celecoxib Analgesic COX-2 inhibitor
MSContin morphine Analgesic Opiate C-ll
Demerol meperidine Analgesic Opiate C-ll
Dolophine methadone Analgesic Opiate C-ll
OxyContin oxycodone Analgesic Opiate C-ll
Ultram tramadol Analgesic Opiate
Maxalt rizatriptan Analgesic Triptan
lmitrex sumatriptan Analgesic Triptan
Penicillin G penicillin G Anti-Infective Antibiotics - Natural penicillin
Veetids penicillin V Anti-Infective Antibiotics - Synthetic penicillin
Principen, Omnipen, Polycilin ampicillin Anti-Infective Antibiotics - Synthetic penicillin
Amoxil, Trimox amoxicillin Anti-Infective Antibiotics - Synthetic penicillin
Augmentin amoxicillin + potassium clavulanate Anti-Infective Antibiotics - Synthetic penicillin
Keflex cephalexin Anti-Infective Antibiotics - Cephalosporin
Ceclor cefaclor Anti-Infective Antibiotics - Cephalosporin
Zithromax azithromycin Anti-Infective Antibiotics - Macrolide
Biaxin clarithromycin Anti-Infective Antibiotics - Macrolide
Ery C, Erythrocin, Pediazole erythromycin Anti-Infective Antibiotics - Macrolide
CIeocin clindamycin Anti-Infective Antibiotics - Macrolide
Cipro ciprofloxacin Anti-Infective Antibiotics - Fluoroquinolone (quinolone)
Levaquin levofloxacin Anti-Infective Antibiotics - Fluoroquinolone (quinolone)
Tobrex, Tobi, Nebcin tobramycin Anti-Infective Antibiotics - Aminoglycoside
Garamycin, Genoptic gentamicin Anti-Infective Antibiotics - aminoglycoside
Bactrim, Cotrim, Septra trimethoprim + sulfamethoxazole Anti-Infective Antibiotics - Sulfonamide
Azulfadine, Azulfidine, Sulfasalazine EC sulfasalazine Anti-Infective Antibiotics - Sulfonamides
Sumycin tetracycline Anti-Infective Antibiotics - tetracycline
Vibramycin, Doryx doxycycline Anti-Infective Antibiotics - Tetracycline
Minodin, Dynacin minocycline Anti-Infective Antibiotics - Tetracycline
Zovirax acyclovir Anti-Infective Antivirals
Symmeterel amantadine Anti-Infective Antivirals
Tamiflu oseltamivir Anti-Infective Antivirals
Valtrex valacyclovir Anti-Infective Antivirals
Epivir lamivudine Anti-Infective Antiretroviral - NRTI
Retrovir, AZT zidovudine Anti-Infective Antiretroviral - NRTI
Sustiva efavirenz (EFZ) Anti-Infective Antiretroviral - NNRTI
Viracept nelfinavir Anti-Infective Antiretroviral - PI
Loprox, Penlac ciclopirox Anti-Infective Antifungals
Diflucan fluconazole Anti-Infective Antifungals
Monistat miconazole Anti-Infective Antifungals
Flagyl metronidazole Anti-Infective Antifungals
Nizoral ketoconazole Anti-Infective Antifungals
Lamisil terbinafine Anti-Infective Antifungals
Mycostatin nystatin Anti-Infective Antifungals
Altace ramipril Cardiovascular ACE inhibitor
Vasotec enalapril Cardiovascular ACE inhibitor
Zestril, Prinivil lisinopril Cardiovascular ACE inhibitor
Capoten captopril Cardiovascular ACE inhibitor
Monopril fosinopril Cardiovascular ACE inhibitor
Accupril quinapril Cardiovascular ACE inhibitor
Atacand candesartan Cardiovascular Angiotensin II receptor blockers (ARB)
Diovan valsartan Cardiovascular Angiotensin II receptor blockers (ARB)
Cozaar losartan Cardiovascular Angiotensin II receptor blockers (ARB)
Calan, Isoptin verapamil Cardiovascular Calcium channel blocker
Cardizem, Dilacor diltiazem Cardiovascular Calcium channel blocker
Procardia, Adalat nifedipine Cardiovascular Calcium channel blocker
Norvasc amlodipine Cardiovascular Calcium channel blocker
Coumadin, Jantoven warfarin Cardiovascular Anticoagulant
Hep-Lock heparin Cardiovascular Anticoagulant
Dilantin phenytoin Cardiovascular Anticonvulsants
Hydrodiuril hydrochlorothiazide (HCTZ) Cardiovascular Diuretic (thiazide)
Lasix furosemide Cardiovascular Diuretic (loop)
lnderal propranolol Cardiovascular Beta blocker
Tenormin atenolol Cardiovascular Beta blocker
Toprol XL, Lopressor metoprolol Cardiovascular Beta blocker
Coreg carvedilol Cardiovascular Beta blocker
Betapace sotatol Cardiovascular Antiarryhthmic
Lanoxin, Digitek digoxin Cardiovascular Antiarryhthmic
Lipitor atorvastatin Cardiovascular Antihyperlipidemic
Pravachol pravastatin Cardiovascular Antihyperlipidemic
Zocor simvastatin Cardiovascular Antihyperlipidemic
Crestor rosuvastatin Cardiovascular Antihyperlipidemic
Tricor fenofibrate Cardiovascular Antihyperlipidemic
Vytorin ezetimibe + simvastatin Cardiovascular Antihyperiipidemic
Zetia ezetimibe Cardiovascular Antihyperlipidemic
Nitrostat nitroglycerin Cardiovascular Nitrate
Plavix clopidogrel Cardiovascular Antiplatelet agent
Primacor milrinone Cardiovascular Xanthine oxidase inhibitors / Vasodilators
Glucophage metformin Hormones Antidiabetics - Metformin products
Glucpyance metforrnin + glyburide Hormones Antidiabetics - Metformin products
Metaglip metformin + glipizide Hormones Antidiabetics - Metformin products
Amaryl glimepiride Hormones Antidiabetics - Insulin secretagogues
Glucotrol glipizide Hormones Antidiabetics - Insulin secretagogues
DiaBeta, Micronase, Glynase glyburide Hormones Antidiabetics - Insulin secretagogues
Actos pioglitazone Hormones Antidiabetics - Glitazones (Thiazolidinediones or TZDs)
Avandia rosiglitazone Hormones Antidiabetics - Glitazones (Thiazolidinediones or TZDs)
Byetta exenatide Hormones Antidiabetics - Incretin therapies
Januvia sitagliptin Hormones Antidiabetics - Incretin therapies
Novolog insulin aspart Hormones Insulin (clear)
Humalog insulin lispro Hormones Insulin (clear)
Humulin R, Novolin R regular insulin Hormones Insulin (clear, short-acting)
Humulin N, Novolin N NPH insulin Hormones Insulin (cloudy, intermediate-acting)
Lantus insulin glargine Hormones Insulin (clear, long-acting)
Levoxyl, Synthroid levothyroxine Hormones Thyroid hormone replacement (Hypothyroidism)
Armour Thyroid thyroid extract Hormones Thyroid hormone (Hypothyroidism)
PropyI-Thyracil (PTU) propylthiouracil Hormones Iodide trapping agent (Hyperthyroidism)
Premarin conjugated estrogens Hormones Contraceptive (Natural estrogen)
Estrace, Vagifem, Climara, Estraderm estradiol Hormones Contraceptive
Nuvaring, Ortho-Novum ethinyl estradiol Hormones Contraceptive
Preven ethinyl estradiol + levonorgestrel Hormones Contraceptive - Estrogen combination ("morning after")
Prometrium progesterone Hormones Progestin
Tegretol carbamazepine Neurological Anticonvulsant / Antiepileptic - Sodium channel blocker
Dilantin phenytoin Neurological Anticonvulsant / Antiepileptic - Sodium channel blocker
Depakene valproic acid Neurological Anticonvulsant / Antiepileptic - Calcium channel blocker
Depakote valproate Neurological Anticonvulsant / Antiepileptic - Calcium channel blocker
Zonegran zonisamide Neurological Anticonvulsant / Antiepileptic - Calcium channel blocker
Neurontin gabapentin Neurological Anticonvulsant / Antiepileptic - GABA enhancer
Barbital phenobarbital Neurological Anticonvulsant / Antiepileptic - GABA enhancer
Lamictal lamotrigine Neurological Anticonvulsant / Antiepileptic - Glutamate inhitibor
Topamax topiramate Neurological Anticonvulsant / Antiepileptic - Glutamate inhitibor
Sinemet levodopa / carbidopa Neurological Anti-Parkinson’s - Dopaminergic agent
Mirapex pramipexole Neurological Anti-Parkinson’s - Dopaminergic agent
Requip ropinirole Neurological Anti-Parkinson’s - Dopaminergic agent
Cogentin benzotropine Neurological Anti-Parkinson’s - Anticholinergic
Symmetrel amantadine Neurological Anti-Parkinson’s - Anticholinergic
Eldepryl, Zelapar selegiline Neurological Anti-Parkinson’s - MAOI
Namenda memantine Neurological Anti-Alzheimer’s - MAOI
Aricept donepezil Neurological Anti-Alzheimer’s - Cholinesterase inhibitor
Adderall amphetamine + dextroamphetamine Neurological ADHD - CNS stimulant
Focalin dexmethylphenidate Neurological ADHD - CNS stimulant
Ritalin, Concerta methylphenidate Neurological ADHD - CNS stimulant
Strattera atomoxetine Neurological ADHD – Non-stimulant
Ginko Biloba ginkgo biloba Neurological Anti-Alzheimer’s - Herbal supplement
Celexa citalopram Psychotropic Antidepressant - SSRI
Lexapro escitalopram Psychotropic Antidepressant - SSRI
Prozac, Sarafem fluoxetine Psychotropic Antidepressant - SSRI
Paxil paroxetine Psychotropic Antidepressant - SSRI
Zoloft sertraline Psychotropic Antidepressant - SSRI
Pristiq desvenlafaxine Psychotropic Antidepressant - SNRI
Cymbalta duloxetine Psychotropic Antidepressant - SNRI
Effexor venlafaxine Psychotropic Antidepressant - SNRI
Elavil, Endep amtriptyline Psychotropic Antidepressant - TCA
Pamelor, Aventyl nortriptyline Psychotropic Antidepressant - TCA
Remeron mirtazapine Psychotropic Antidepressant - Tetracyclic agent
Nardil phenelzine Psychotropic Antidepressant - MAOl
Parnate tranylcypromine Psychotropic Antidepressant - MAOl
Wellbutrin buproprion Psychotropic Antidepressant
Xanax alprazolam Psychotropic Anti-anxiety - Benzodiazepine
Librium chlordiazepoxide Psychotropic Anti-anxiety - Benzodiazepine
Valium diazepam Psychotropic Anti-anxiety - Benzodiazepine
Ativan lorazepam Psychotropic Anti-anxiety - Benzodiazepine
Restoril temazepam Psychotropic Anti-anxiety - Benzodiazepine
Halcion triazolam Psychotropic Anti-anxiety - Benzodiazepine
Lunesta eszopiclone Psychotropic Sedative / Hypnotic C-IV
Sonata zalepion Psychotropic Sedative / Hypnotic C-IV
Ambien zolpidem Psychotropic Sedative / Hypnotic C-IV
Eskalith, Lithobid lithium Psychotropic Antipsychotic
Thorazine chlorpromazine Psychotropic Antipsychotic - Typical
Abilify aripiprazole Psychotropic Antipsychotic - Atypical
Zyprexa, Zydis olanzapine Psychotropic Antipsychotic - Atypical
Seroquel quetiapine Psychotropic Antipsychotic - Atypical
Risperdal risperidone Psychotropic Antipsychotic - Atypical
Melatonin melatonin Psychotropic Herbal supplement - Sleep aid
Kava kava Psychotropic Herbal supplement – Sleep aid, Antianxiety
St. John’s Wort St. John's Wort Psychotropic Herbal supplement – Mild antidepressant
SAMe SAMe Psychotropic Herbal supplement – Depression (with pain)
Caltrate, OsCal, Tums calcium carbonate Musculoskelatal Osteoporosis / Paget's disease - calcium salts
Fosamax alendronate Musculoskelatal Osteoporosis / Paget’s disease - bisphosphonate
Boniva ibandronate Musculoskelatal Osteoporosis / Paget's disease - bisphosphonate
Actonel risendronate Musculoskelatal Osteoporosis / Paget's disease - bisphosphonate
Reclast zoledronic acid Musculoskelatal Osteoporosis / Paget's disease - bisphosphonate
Novaldex tamoxifen Musculoskelatal Osteoporosis / Paget's disease - Selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM)
Evista raloxifene Musculoskelatal Osteoporosis / Paget's disease - Selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM)
Premarin conjugated estrogens Musculoskelatal Osteoporosis - Estrogen
Estrace estradiol Musculoskelatal Osteoporosis - Estrogen
Tylenol acetaminophen Musculoskelatal (OA) Osteoarthritis Non-NSAID
Voltaren, Cataflam diclofenac Musculoskelatal (OA) Osteoarthritis - NSAID
Lodine etodolac Musculoskelatal (OA) Osteoarthritis - NSAID
Motrin, Advil ibuprofen Musculoskelatal (OA) Osteoarthritis - NSAID
Indocin indomethacin Musculoskelatal (OA) Osteoarthritis - NSAID
Mobic meloxicam Musculoskelatal (OA) Osteoarthritis - NSAID
Celebrex celecoxib Musculoskelatal (OA) Osteoarthritis - COX-2 inhibitor
Cosamin DS, Osteo Bi-Flex glucosamine + chondroitin Musculoskelatal (OA) Osteoarthritis - Herbal supplement
Cytoxan cyclophosphamide Musculoskelatal (RA) Rheumatoid arthritis - Disease-Modifying Antirheumatic Drugs (DMARD)
Rheumatrex, Trexall methotrexate Musculoskelatal (RA) Rheumatoid arthritis - Disease-Modifying Antirheumatic Drugs (DMARD)
Enbrel etanercept Musculoskelatal (RA) Rheumatoid arthritis - Disease-Modifying Antirheumatic Drugs (DMARD)
Humira adalimumab Musculoskelatal (RA) Rheumatoid arthritis - Disease-Modifying Antirheumatic Drugs (DMARD)
Colchicine, Colcrys colchicine Musculoskelatal Anti-gout
Aristospan triamcinolone Musculoskelatal Anti-gout
Zyloprim allopurinol Musculoskelatal Anti-gout
Avonex, Rebif interferon beta-1a Musculoskelatal (MS) Multiple sclerosis - interferon
Betaseron interferon beta-1b Musculoskelatal (MS) Multiple sclerosis - interferon
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