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To which DEA schedule does each drug belong?

Cactus which contains mescaline Peyote Schedule I
Cannabis, marijuana Marijuana Schedule I
Quaalude Schedule I
Alfenta Alfentanil Schedule II
Amytal, Tuinal Amobarbital Schedule II
Cocaine Schedule II
Demerol, Mepergan, Meperidine Schedule II
Desoxyn Schedule II
Dexedrine Schedule II
Hydrocodone Schedule II
Dilaudid, Hydromorphone Schedule II
Dolophine, Methadone Schedule II
Doriden, Dorimide Glutethimide Schedule II
Innovar, Sublimaze, Duragesic Fentanyl Schedule II
Laudanum Opium tincture Schedule II
MS Contin, Roxanol, Duramorph, RMS, MSIR Morphine Schedule II
Nembutal Pentobarbital Schedule II
OxyContin, Percocet, Tylox, Roxicodone, Roxicet, Oxycodone Schedule II
Preludin Phenmetrazine Schedule II
Ritalin Methylphenidate Schedule II
Seconal, Tuinal Secobarbital Schedule II
Sufenta Sufentanil Schedule II
Ultiva Remifentanil Schedule II
"Body Building" drugs Anabolic steroids Schedule III
Anadroid-F, Halotestin, Ora-Testryl Fluoxymesterone Schedule III
Barbiturates not specifically listed Barbituric acid derivative Schedule III
Buprenex, TemgesicBuprenorphine Schedule III
Butisol, Butibel Butabarbital Schedule III
Didrex, Inapetyl Benzphetamine Schedule III
Empirin, Fiorinal, Tylenol, ASA or APAP w/codeine Codeine combination product 90 mg/du Schedule III
Fiorinal, Butalbital with aspirin Butalbital Schedule III
Ketaset, Ketalar, Special K, K Ketamine Schedule III
Marinol, synthetic THC in sesame oil/soft gelatin Dronabinol in sesame oil in soft gelatin capsule Schedule III
Paregoric, other combination products Opium combination product 25 mg/du Schedule III
Pentothal Thiopental Schedule III
Plegine, Prelu-2 Schedule III
Synalgos-DC, Compal Dihydrocodeine combination product 90 mg/du Schedule III
Tussionex, Tussend, Lortab, Vicodin, Hycodan, Anexsia ++ Hydrocodone combination product 15 mg/du Schedule III
Secobarbital & noncontrolled active ingred Secobarbital & noncontrolled active ingred Schedule III
various Secobarbital suppository dosage form Schedule III
WANS Pentobarbital suppository dosage form Schedule III
Winstrol, Winstrol-V Stanozolol Schedule III
Ambien, Zolpidem Schedule IV
Ativan Lorazepam Schedule IV
Brevital Methohexital Schedule IV
Centrax Prazepam Schedule IV
Cylert Pemoline Schedule IV
Dalmane Flurazepam Schedule IV
Darvon, propoxyphene, Darvocet, Dolene, Propacet Dextropropoxyphene dosage forms Schedule IV
Halcion Triazolam Schedule IV
Ionamin, Fastin, Adipex-P, Obe-Nix, Zantryl Phentermine Schedule IV
Klonopin, Clonopin Clonazepam Schedule IV
Librium, Libritabs, Limbitrol, SK-Lygen Chlordiazepoxide Schedule IV
Luminal, Donnatal, Bellergal-S Phenobarbital Schedule IV
Mebaral, mephobarbital Methylphenobarbital (mephobarbital) Schedule IV
Meridia Sibutramine Schedule IV
Midrin, dichloralantipyrineDichloralphenazone Schedule IV
Miltown, Equanil, Deprol, Equagesic, Meprospan Meprobamate Schedule IV
Noctec Chloral hydrate Schedule IV
Paral Paraldehyde Schedule IV
Placidyl Ethchlorvynol Schedule IV
Pondimin, Ponderal Fenfluramine Schedule IV
Redux Dexfenfluramine Schedule IV
Restoril Temazepam Schedule IV
Sanorex, Mazanor Mazindol Schedule IV
Serax, Serenid-D Oxazepam Schedule IV
Serenal, Convertal Oxazolam Schedule IV
Sonata Zaleplon Schedule IV
Stadol, Stadol NS, Torbugesic, Torbutrol Butorphanol Schedule IV
Talwin, Talwin NX, Talacen, Talwin Compound Pentazocine Schedule IV
Tenuate, Tepanil Diethylpropion Schedule IV
Tranxene Clorazepate Schedule IV
Valium, Valrelease Diazepam Schedule IV
Veronal, Plexonal, barbitone Barbital Schedule IV
Versed Midazolam Schedule IV
Xanax Alprazolam Schedule IV
Cophene-S, various others Dihydrocodeine preparations 10 mg/100 ml or 100 gm Schedule V
Lomotil, Logen Diphenoxylate preparations 2.5 mg/25 ug AtSO4 Schedule V
Parepectolin, Kapectolin PG, Kaolin Pectin P.G. Opium preparations - 100 mg/100 ml or gm Schedule V
Created by: mchugh100



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