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School law

What amendments impact school 1ST 4TH 14TH
when does supreme court become involved in school cases only in cases challenging the constitution or federal laws
Is education specifically mentioned in the constitution No
Hazelwood vs Kuhlmeir School sponsored items such as newspaper may be censored
Tinker vs Des moines Students have right to freedom of expression as long as it doesn't harm school or students
New jersey vs TLO Police need probable cause in schools
what do schools in loco parentis allow them to do Establish dress code require expulsion random drug testing
Title IX No one can be denied education or participation because of gender
buckley amendment Parents must have access to their childs records
IDEA act zero reject/FAPE free and appropriate education IEP LRE
Copy right act need permission from author of source can only use a certain number per year Brevity Spontaneity cumulative affect
What is AYP adequate yearly process-a provision of NCLB that requires students to show progress through state wide tests
what determines if a teacher is highly qualified `Bachelors degree from 4 year college state licence competent in subject matter
Misfesance doing a duty wrong
Nonfeasance not completing a duty
malfeasance doing something out of proper conduct
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