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Editing Test 2

Crypt Def Underground chamber or vault
Cynical Def denying the sincerity of people's motives and actions
Demur Def hesitate because of doubts or objections
Deprecate Def express disapproval
Derogate Def lessening or weakening of power
Diffuse Def spread out or dispersed; not concentrated
Disparage Def discredit, belittle, show disrespect for
Egregious Def outstanding for undesirable qualities, remarkably bad
Elicit def to draw forth
Emend Def to make scholarly corrections or improvements in a text
Endemic def native to a particular country, nation or region
Enormity def great wickedness
Ephemeral def an organism with a brief life cycle
equivocal def having more than one interpretation
erudite def having wide knowledge
ersatz def substitute or synthetic, usually suggests inferior quality
ethereal def not earthly, heavenly
exult def rejoice greatly
Aisle Aisle
Amatur Amateur
Begginnong Beginning
Bennefitted Benefited
Chaffour Chauffeur
Chocolte Chocolate
Delnquent Delinquent
Desendant Descendant
Detrament Detriment
Embarass Embarrass
Espresso Espresso
Foreign Foreign
Fourht Fourth
Grievous Grievous
Height Height
Hindrence Hindrance
Insistence Insistence
Knowledge Knowledge
Likelihood Likelihood
Maitenance Maintenance
Millionaire Millionaire
Niether Neither
Noticable Noticeable
Obsticle Obstacle
Ommision Omission
Permisable Permissible
Perspiration Perspiration
Philippenes Philippines
Pevilance Prevalence
Questionnaire Questionnaire
Reciept Receipt
Recollection Recollection
Relevant Relevant
Reminisce Reminisce
Satisfied Satisfied
Saucer Saucer
Secretary Secretary
Scenery Scenery
Sking Skiing
Taxeable Taxable
Created by: andrei6868