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What is the study of population change and structure referred to as? Demography
What is the rapid growth of population in the twentieth century known as? A population explosion
What is the demographic transition model? The population cycle,it describes population changes over time
Give an example of a country at stage two of the demographic population model Brazil
Give an example of a country at stage 4 of the demographic population model Ireland
Give an example of a country at stage five of the demographic population model Germany
What is a birth rate? The number of births per 1,000 people in one year
What is a death rate? The number of deaths per 1,000 people in one year
How do you calculate population change? Get the difference of the birth rate and the death rate,put it over 1,000 and multiply by 100
What factors affect population change? Food supply,war, technological developments,health,education and place of women in society
How does food supply affect population change? When food supply increase it allows the population to grow. When food supply decreases e.g During famines and drought a population goes into decline, an example of this was Ireland during the 1800's
How does war affect population change? War reduces the population of a country, an example of this is Germany during 1945 in world war two were civilians and soliders died
How do technological developments affect population change? The green revolution in Europe led to various inventions that increased farm productivity,food supplies and population growth. Examples include new and improved ploughs and tractors
How does health affect population change? When health is improved the death rate declines. In Brazil,shanty towns have inadequate facilities and services,e.g poor sewage systems and poor access to clean,filtered water. Since 1970 the population has risen as result of improved public health
How does education affect population change? The more educated a person is,the more likely t is that they are interested in practicing family pland. Family planning reduces birth rates. E.g in Brazil women receive less formal education than those in Ireland and Germany
How does place of women in society affect the population change? Since the 1970's ,European women's place in society has improved dramatically, this is due to the feminist movement,coupled with increased levels of education
What is population distribution? How people are dispersed around the world or in any given area
What is population density? The average amount of people per kilometer squared (km2)
What social and historical reasons affect population density? Population decline during the famine, the Celtic tiger economy in west west of Ireland creadted more jobs,which in turn has meant more people,increasing the population in these areas
What resources and terrain affect population density? Climate: population density increases in regions where the climate is nicde. Soil Greater population density in regions where the soil is fertile. Urban area: population density will increase where roads and services are available,E.g the Dublin region
What problems result to areas with high population densities? Overcrowding,pollution,shortage of clean water and lack of open space
What problems result to areas with low population densities? Low marriage rates, the abandonment of agricultural land and political or economic isolation
How is the population density calculated? Total population over area of land
Name a region with a high population density Kolkata(Calcutta),India
Name a region with a low population density Mali,West Africa
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