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Geography(Humans and the environment)

What is the greenhouse effect? When the earths gases act like a greenhouse,letting heat in but preventing most of it from getting out
Give some examples of greenhouse gases Carbon dioxide,methane, chlorofluorocarbons(CFC's) and nitrous oxide
Why is the greenhouse effect important? It is important because without it temperatures on earth would be 30 degrees cooler than they are today. The earth would not be warm enough to support human life
What is global warming? The rising of the earths temperature due to greenhouse effects
What are the causes of global warming? Carbon dioxide,methane,chloroflurocarbons(CFC's) and nitrous oxide
How does carbon dioxide cause global warming? Fossil fuels(such as coal,oil and natural gas) release carbon dioxide when they are burnt. Deforestation also contributes to the increase in carbon dioxide,trees absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen.
How does methane cause global warming? Cattle produce methane when they chew their food. Decaying organic matter in landfill sites also produce methane
How do chlorofluorocarbon's(CFC's) cause global warming? CFC's are found in areosols cans and refrigerators. They are the most damaging of the greenhouse gases and are responsible for damaging the ozone layer
How does nitrous oxide cause global warming? Nitrous oxide is found in the burning fuels for transport and power stations. Nitrates are used in fertilizers for farming
Who are the impacts of global warming? Climate change:As the world gets warmer climates are changing,storms and hurricanes become more frequent and rainfall patterns change.The rise in sea levels:As global temperatures rise,ice caps melt,sea temperatures increase and the waters in them exapand
What are some solutions to global warming? Official polices(Kyoto protocol 1997),clean and energy efficient appliences,reduce reuse and recycle and reduce deforestation
Created by: Chimozukee



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