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peo founders

sorority information

Name of Our College in Nevada, Missouri. Cottey
Shape of Our pin. Star
Focus of our philanthropies education
Number of founders seven
Original state of PEO Iowa
Two founders with the same first name Alice
She loved classical literature Alice Bird Babb
A minister's wife who helped minister to those in distress, need, or bereaved Mary Allen Stafford
Founder known for her consoling nature, known as the Mother Superior. She first proposed forming a society. Hattie Briggs Bousquet
The Founder that was a devotee of art and set the foundation of values for PEO Franc Roads Elliott
Founder who ornamented the star Alice Virginia Coffin
Founder who was talkative,opinionated and witty. Ella stewart
Founder who had strong dramatic abilities and a fine musician. She was often surrounded by male suitors. Suela Pearson Penfield
Site of PEO International headquarters. Des Moines, Iowa
Colorado Fund for helping sisters in need. Marguerite Fund
Colorado retirement home for sisters and their spouses Colorado Chapter House
"F" of our star points Faith
The greatest of our star points Love
The month in which our dues are collected. February
The Month of our state convention in Colorado June
The song that is sung at the beginning of each meeting. Ode
Star point relating to the chaplain. Truth
Scholarship specifically for international graduate students. Peace
The flower that is significant to our sisterhood. Marguerite
Created by: newby222
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