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CIP 1 Hist Studies

CIP 1 Historical Studies

1932 US Public Health Service Syphilis Study 1932 - 1972 Used deception to observe the course of syphillis in african american men. When effective treatment was available it was not provided to participants (AKA Tuskegee Study)
Nazi doctors during World War II Used Jews, gypsies, and political prisoners without consent in cruel studies to benifit "Aryan" people, or just out of curiosity (without social benifit)
Milgram Study at Yale Studied obedience toward authority using deception - convinced participants that they had harmed others with electrical shocks on "orders" of the reseracher(based on Nazi defense of "I was just following orders")
Willowbrook Study Children with MR living at the State Hosp. were infected with hepatitis B; early subjects were fed extracts of infected stools. Parents were offered placement in return for consent. Researchers claimed it was ok because infection was common at this hosp.
Laud Humphreys Tearoom Study Mid 1960s - Studied sex in gay "teahouses" 1st posed as a lookout, 2nd interviewed as a reseracher, 3rd followed without permission 4th posed as a health service worker for follow up data
The Wichita Jury Study Recorded juries in deliberation without consent
Jewish Chronic Disease Hospital Study Doctors injected live cancer cells into the bloodstream of frail elders without informed consent
San Antonio Contraceptive Study Gave impoverished women real contraceptives or placebos by random assignment without informed consent
Stanford Prison Experiment Students were randomly assigned to be guards or prisoners with no other instructions - Planned for 2 weeks - the study was stopped after 6 days due to harsh/cruel treatment by guards
Wendell Johnson and Mary Tudor 1939 Study of Stuttering "Monster Study" Orphan children(both "stutterers" and "fluent speekers")in Iowa were randomly assigned to praise of articulate speech or belittling response to speech errors. The "negative" therapy did not induce stuttering, but did harm children.
Created by: OTTeacherLady
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