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Voc 8D-010613

Sadlier-Oxford Level D Unit 8 10613

assurance (n)a pledge or a promise; freedom from doubt.
asylum (n)1. a safe haven for people who have fled their country due to war, famine, persecution,disease, etc. 2. sanctuary or protection, shelter from danger.3. shelter; a place of safety.
console   n.) the keyboard of an organ; a control panel for an electrical or mechanical device; (v.) to comfort,
dilate    (v.) to make or become larger or wider; to expand upon. antonym: constrict
dross    (n.) refuse, waste products
dwindle   (v.)to become less, until little remains; to get smaller; to diminish
flippant    (adj.)lacking in seriousness; disrespectful; saucy,
immunity   (n.)1. Resistance to a disease or infection especially as a result of vaccination or inoculation. 2. freedom from some charge or obligation.
institute (v.) to establish, set up; (N.). an organization for the promotion of learning. Antonym: discontinue
liability    (n) 1. a debt; something disadvantageous 2. a legal responsibility for damage or loss,
preposterous    (adj.) ridiculous, senseless. antonym: sensible
pugnacious (adj.)1. quarrelsome, eager,ready to fight 2. Combative in nature; belligerent; prone to arguing and fighting.
rabid   (adj.) furious, violently intense, unreasonably extreme; mad; infected with rabies. antonym: moderate,
realm    (n.) a kingdom; a religion or field of study
rejuvenate   (v.) To make young again; to make like new. antonym: exhaust; to renew, revitalize, breath new life into.
remunerate   (v.) to reward, pay, reimburse. antonym: to deny payment of,
sparse   (adj.) meager, scant, or scattered; thin, scanty, few and far between
sterling   (adj.) Genuine, excellent; made of silver of standard fineness. antonym: mediocre
venture    (n)risky or daring undertaking (v.) to expose to danger or dare; A task or activity that is risky, or dangerous.
warp    (n.) an abnormality; (v.) to twist out of shape
Created by: crawfka
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