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Leadership & Ethics

Ethics:Terms and Associations

Ethical TermAssociation
Cultural norms rules of behavior
Anthropocentric humans rule
Morals right and wrong
Code of ethics professions have these
Teleology focus on the outcomes
Means "ends" justify
Ends "means" justify
Rational thought based
Character patterns of moral behavior
Personalism people first not laws
Community or individual
Religion a set of beliefs based on teachings
Happiness factor greatest good for greatest #
Social contract protects lives and property
Correct factually true
Excesses positive extremes
Good common
Right morally true
Pragmatism what is practical
Deficiencies negative extremes
Worldview beliefs about how the world works
Proactive forethought driven decisions
Dilemma right vs. right
Relative it depends
Ethical spheres you or group or society or world
Mercy as opposed to justice
Human nature traits shared by all humans
Ontological nature of being
Holistic all of something
Long term as opposed to short term
Personality traits of mind & behavior
Values things that have personal worth
Loyalty or truth
Egoistic self centered
Legalism strict adherence to rules
Reactive circumstance driven decisions
Pleasure absence of pain
Absolute universal
Ethics the study of morals
Self evident you know it when you see it
Deontology focused on process
Goodwill right thing for the right reason
Antinomianism total freedom
Virtue opposite of vice
Freewill ability to choose
Altruistic other centered
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