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What zones can climate be divided into? Hot climates,temperate climates and cold climates
Where can hot climates be found? From the equator to the tropics at 0-30 degress
Where can temperate climates be found? Tropics to the Arctic at 30-60 degress
Where can cold climates be found? Near the poles at 60-90 degress
Name three factors that influence world climates Latitude,water,air movement,radiation and sun
What are the factors that influence local climate? Aspect,altitude and ocean currents
What is aspect? The direction in witch a place faces the sun
What is altitude? The height above sea level
What are ocean currents? Movement of warm and cold water in the oceans
Where can equatorial climate be found? Between 8 degrees north and south of the equator.
Give an example of an area with equatorial climate The Amazon basin, Brazil
What type of temperature is found at an area with equatorial climate? An average of 28 degrees Celsius. No lower than 22 degrees
What is the flora like in an equatorial region? Rainforest or jungle. A lot of sunshine and rainfall is present witch is ideal for the growth of plants
What is the fauna like in an equatorial region? Rainforest have lots of different fauna including snakes,monkeys and parrots
What is the human activity like in an equatorial region? There are lots of tribes present witch have adapted to the habitat(surroundings)
Name a tribe and where they are situated Boro, the Amazon basin, Brazil
Where can hot desert climate be found? Between 15 and 30 degrees north and south of the equator
Give an example of an area with hot desert climate Sahara desert, North Africa
What type of temperature is found at a hot desert climate? Temperatures between 40 and 45 degrees Celsius. It Drops to around 5 degrees at night
What is rainfall like in a hot desert region? Very dry around 100mm of precipitation per year
What is the soil like in a hot desert region? Very dry, made up from weathered rock with little humus,water or micro-organisims
What is the flora like in a hot desert region? Vegetation is in short supply(scarce)
What is the fauna like in hot desert regions? Animals in the hot desert region have adapted to their habitat e.g Camels
What is the human activity like in hot desert regions? Tourism and recreation such as rock climbing and building projects occur here
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