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Geography(Atmospheric conditions)

What is the atmosphere? A thin layer of gasses surrounding the earth
Give a function of the atmosphere Insulates the earth from extreme temperature
What is the troposphere? The lowest part of the atmosphere
Where did isolation get its name from? Incoming solar radiation
The angle at witch sunlight strikes the earth varies with.... The location,the time of day and the season
How much of the suns energy reaches planet earth? 50%
How much of the suns energy is deflected back to space through dust and clouds in the atmosphere? 25%
How much of the earths surface is absorbed as it passes through the atmosphere? 25%
What is wind? Moving air
What is pressure? The force of air on the earths surface
What is latitude? It gives the location of a place on the earth north or south of the equator. It ranges from 0-90 degrees
What is the Coriolis effect? When global winds are deflected when the earth rotates
What is a doldrum? The term used when referring to an area near the equator where the trade winds die out.
What is an air mass? A large body of air that has similar temperature,pressure and moisture levels throughout
Where is continental polar(cP) and what type of weather occurs there? From north-east Europe. Dry and cold,frosty nights and heavy snowfall
Where is maritime polar(mP) and what type of weather occurs there? From the north Atlantic. Cold wet air and showery conditons
Where is continental tropical (cT) and what type of weather occurs there? From the hot desert of the Sahara. Dry sunny weather
Where is maritime tropical (mT) and what type of weather is found there? From the Azores. Thunderstorms in summer and heavy rainfall in winter
What type of weather does the Arctic bring? Cold weather
What is a cold front? What happens when a cold air mass moves into a warm air mass
What is condensation? When water vapour cools down and condenses back into water droplets forming clouds
What is a warm front? What happens when a warm air mass moves into wa cold air mass
What is precipitation? Any form of moisture from the atmosphere
Give another name for high pressure Anticylcones
On a weather map, what are anticyclones represented by? A 'H'
Give 2 characteristics of a high pressure system Winds blows in a clockwise direction. Very slow moving
What is a depression? An area of low pressure that develops when a warm front meet a faster moving cold front
Weather is made up of a number of different elements,name 3 Temperature,humidity,atmospheric conditions, precipitation,wind,sunshine,cloud amounts
What is a meteorologist? A person who studies and forecasts(predicts) weather
What is meteorology? The study of weather. It focuses on weather processes and forecasting
Name a weather station in Ireland Claremorris, Mullingar
What does a Thermometer measure? Temperature
What does a Hygrometer measure? Humidity
What does a Barometer measure? Atmospheric pressure
What does a rain gauge measure? Preciptiation
What does a wind vane measure? Wind direction
What does an anemometer measure? Wind force(speed)
What does the campbell stokes recorder measure? Sunshine
What is another word for mean? Average
What is range? The difference between highest amount and the lowest amount
What is convectional rainfall? Rainfall that occurs when warm air rises,expands and cools
What is cyclonic/frontal rainfall? Rainfall that occurs when warm air rises over cooler air
What is relief rainfall? Rainfall that occurs when warm moist air from the sea is forced to rise
What is the hydrosphere? The collective mass of water found on, under and over the surface of the earth
Explain the water cycle Sun heats up land,water from the oceans,lakes and rivers are evaporated. This then condenses back into water droplets forming clouds,witch with further cooling cause precipitation.Precipitation returns to the earths surface and flows to the seas and lakes
Created by: Chimozukee