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The Lizard Guy

National Geographic Bee

Pensacola Bay, an arm of the Gulf of Mexico, borders which state - Florida or South Carolina? Florida
The Painted Desert is located near Flagstaff in which state - North Dakota or Arizona Arizona
Which state includes White Sands National Monument - New Mexico or Vermont? New Mexico
The Mojave National Preserve is located in a desert region in which State - California or Mississippi? California
Located beneath the Great Plains, a large section of the Ogallala Aquifer lies under which state - Virginia or Nebraska? Nebraska
Which state is drained by the Arkansas and Red Rivers - Pennsylvania or Oklahoma? Oklahoma
Which state includes part of the Great Appalachian Valley - Tennessee or Louisiana Tennessee
Which state borders the Canadian province of Quebec - Vermont or Missouri? Vermont
Which state includes Rocky Mountain National Park - Kansas or Colorado Colorado
Casco Bay, an inlet of the Atlantic, is located in which state - Kentucky or Maine? Maine
The Columbia River forms much of the northern border of which state - Oregon or Utah? Oregon
The Continental Divide, also known as the Great Divide, crosses which state - Oklahoma or Wyoming? Oklahoma
Which state borders Lake Erie - Nevada or Pennsylvania Pennsylvania
The Klondike Gold Rush National Historic Park is located in which state - Alaska or Wisconsin? Alaska
Mount Jackson, a peak in Glacier National Park, is located in which state - Montana or Iowa Montana
Which state includes part of the Cascade Range - Washington or Michigan? Washington
Part of the Ozark Plateau is in which state - Missouri or Connecticut? Missouri
Which state borders Tennessee - Mississippi or New York? Mississippi
Which state is located in the Midwest - Oregon or Indiana? Indiana
The Maumee River flows through the city of Toledo in which state - West Virginia or Ohio? Ohio
The Connecticut River forms the border between Vermont and which other state - Montana or New Hampshire New Hampshire
Which state is part of the Mid-Atlantic region - Delaware or Tennessee? Delaware
Which state borders the Mississippi River - Arkansas or Georgia? Arkansas
The oyster industry is important along the coastal region of which state - Idaho or Connecticut? Connecticut
Zion National Park and the Great Salt Lake are two major tourist attractions in which state - Arkansas or Utah? Utah
The Missouri River separates Nebraska from which other state - Iowa or New Jersey? Iowa
Which state lies partially within the Atlantic Coastal Plain - North Carolina or Illinois? North Carolina
Lakes formed by glaciers dot the landscape in which state - Texas or Minnesota? Minnesota
The cities of Norfolk and Richmond are located in which state - Rhode Island or Virginia? Virginia
Which state is characterized by low hills and mountains - Kentucky or Florida? Kentucky
Farmland makes up more than half of which state's area - Illinois or Alaska? Illinois
Keweenaw Bay, an inlet of Lake Superior, is located along the shoreline of which state - Colorado or Michigan Michigan
Which state lies in the Great Plains - South Dakota or Maryland? South Dakota
Lakes, marshes, and bayous dominate the southern part of which state - Wyoming or Louisiana Louisiana
Which state has a shipping channel that connects a major port city to the Gulf of Mexico - Texas or Arizona Texas
Which state is closer to Canada? - Idaho or Missouri? Idaho
Which state grows more peanuts? - South Carolina or Colorado? South Carolina
Which state has a larger area of deciduous forest - Kansas or Maine? Maine
Which state is closer to Mexico - Arizona or North Dakota Arizona
Which state gets fewer days of sunshine-Florida or Ohio? Ohio
Which state grows more corn?-Rhode Island or Iowa Iowa
What state has a larger land area covered with permafrost-Hawaii or Alaska Alaska
what state makes more automobiles-Vermont or Michigan? Michigan
Which state has more tornadoes-Indiana or California? Indiana
Which state has more oil fields?-Texas or Maryland Texas
Which state has more land area-West Virginia or Florida? Florida
Which state has more people per square mile - Massachusetts or Nebraska? Massachusetts
Which state produces more broiler chickens - Alabama or New Hampshire? Alabama
Which state is farther east - Georgia or Oklahoma? Georgia
Which state grows more wheat - New York or Nebraska? Nebraska
Which state is more mountainous - Virginia or Iowa? Virginia
Which state is closer to the Tropic of Cancer - Louisiana or Utah? Louisiana
Which state is farther west - New Mexico or Mississippi? New Mexico
On average, which state receives more precipitation - Idaho or Hawaii? Hawaii
Which state borders New York - Pennsylvania or Michigan? Pennsylvania
Which state has a climate that is more humid - Arizona or Tennessee? Tennessee
Which state is landlocked - Kentucky or Delaware? Kentucky
Which state has a smaller population - Utah or Texas? Utah
Which state borders Lake Superior - Minnesota or Oregon? Minnesota
Which state is closer to the Gulf of Mexico - Arkansas or Virginia? Arkansas
Which state is more arid - Louisiana or Wyoming? Wyoming
Which state has a longer coastline - California or South Carolina? California
Which state has a panhandle - North Dakota or Oklahoma? Oklahoma
Which state is closer to the Pacific Ocean - Nevada or Wisconsin? Nevada
Which state has a larger population - Connecticut or New York? New York
Which state experiences more hurricanes - North Carolina or Minnesota North Carolina
Which state is smaller in area - Delaware or Ohio? Delaware
Which state is farther north - Nevada or Montana? Montana
Which state is closer to the Ohio River - Illinois or Georgia? Illinois
Which state borders Oklahoma - Missouri or New Jersey? Missouri
The Baltic Sea borders which continent? Europe
The Lower Guinea coast is located on which continent? Africa
The tropical grasslands of the Llanos are located partially in the Orinoco River Basin on which continent? South America
Tundra vegetation surrounds the mouth of the Lena River on which continent? Asia
The Comoros Islands are located off the east coast of which continent? Africa
The Brooks Range and Great Bear Lake are located on which continent? North America
Kano and Luanda are major cities on which continent? Africa
Which continent includes the Jutland and Iberian Peninsulas? Europe
The Great Artesian Basin lies under much of the state of Queensland on which continent? Australia
The Tigris and Euphrates Rivers are located on which continent? Africa
Berkner Island is located between Ellsworth Land and Coats Land on which continent? Antarctica
The Ligurian Sea borders which continent? Europe
The Virunga Mountains are located near the Equator on which continent? Africa
Nullarbor National Park, known for its caves, coastal cliffs, and wombats, is located on which continent? Australia
Catalan and Welsh are languages spoken on which continent? Europe
The Pamirs and the Tian Shan are two mountain ranges on which continent? Asia
Angel Falls, the world's highest waterfall, is located on which continent? South America
About 90 percent of the world's ice can be found on which continent? Antarctica
Saguaro cactus can be found in the Sonoran Desert on which continent? North America
The Drakensberg Mountains are located near the southern tip of which continent? South Africa
Brisbane and Perth are port cities on which continent? Australia
Which continent lies entirely north of the Tropic of Cancer? Europe
The Weddell and Ross Seas border which continent? Antarctica
The Maya civilization built Chichen Itza and other cities on which continent? North America
Callao and Montevideo are port cities on which continent? South America
Bantu languages, such as Swahili and Zulu, are native to which continent? Africa
Kabul and Hanoi are major cities in which continent? Asia
Alice Springs, with its arid climate, is near the geographic center of which continent? Australia
The Amundsen Sea borders which continent? Antarctica
Munich and Kiev are major cities on which continent? Europe
The Andes Mountains are located on which continent? South America
A cold ocean current flows along the coast of the Namib Desert on which continent? Africa
The Indus Valley civilization flourished around 2500 B.C. on which continent? Asia
Ottawa and Belmopan are major cities on which continent? North America
The Faroe and Orkney Islands are considered to be part of which continent? Europe
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