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Mrs. Gardner120

eye of the storm

Watermelon A sweet red fruit
homemade food made from scratch at home
understand You know and comprehend something
sometimes Once in a while
shoelace Used to tie your shoes
highway driving on roads made for higher speed
upstairs upper part of the house
thunderstorm loud noise and possible lighting outside, weather is bad
shortcut a path that takes less time
doorbell a sound that lets you know someone is at the door
jellyfish lives in the water and sometimes is clear in color
touchdown a term used when a football is carried over the end zone
campfire a hot blaze used at night to cook or keep warm
skateboard has wheels and moves as you balance and maneuver using both feet
anyway however you can do something
fireworks a display of bright lights in the sky
haircut changing your hair style
loudspeaker noise coming out of a box that allows others to hear
laptop a computer that is small and is easily moved from one place to another
flashlight a light that you can use with batteries
masterpiece something created that is wonderfully made and admired
stomachache when you belly hurts
cliffhanger eagerly anticipating the results or the end of something
sweatshirt a loosely fitted top used while working or playing
afterthought thinking about something else after it has occurred
Created by: djgardner