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CM 6.1 Review

CM6.1 Review

If the interviewer asks about the ability to work with others, he/she is referring to which SCANS skill? Interpersonal
Answering questions about qualifications objectively and openly during an interview can demonstrate a candidate’s: Honesty
Which of the following is a common reason people get fired? Failure to follow rules
The main reason for a cover letter is to: Make the employer want to read the applicants resume
A resume aids the job-seeking process in that it: Organizes experiences and skills
The first step in creating a network is to build a/an Contact List
An example of an appropriate interview question is: "What are your greatest strengths?"
Most fired workers lose their jobs because of: Poor Human Relations
The type of resume that works best for a person with continuous work experience is a/an: Chronological resume
Networking, employment agencies, and classified ads can be sources of: Job leads
One of the first things to do to prepare for a job interview is: Research the company
If you don’t understand a question an interviewer asks: Ask him or her to clarify it
When deciding what to wear to an interview, wear clothes that would be: One step above what would be appropriate to wear on the job
Psychological tests are given to Determine how well one will adjust to a job
During a job interview, questions will be asked to Find out if the applicant is the best person for the job
After an interview, a follow-up letter should be sent to the: Person who conducted the interview.
A letter of application for employment should be sent to: The person who has the authority to hire you
What information must be listed on a job application? Legal name
Handling problems and criticism gracefully and maturely is exhibiting: Professionalism
Private employment agencies Charge for their services
The amount of salary or wages earned for a certain period of time before deductions are withheld is: Gross pay
Which is NOT an employee benefit? Regular paychecks
A document containing appropriate and important facts about a person who is applying for a job is a: Resume
Directing an applicant to a potential employer for a job interview is a: Referral
Which person usually makes the best reference for a job applicant? Previous Employer
What is the public government employment agency in North Carolina? Employment Security Commission
A reference letter is the same as a letter of: Recommendation
A cover letter is Sent with a resume
The purpose of a resume is to: Showcase your knowledge and skills.
A candidate with little work experience will need to focus attention on which section of the resume? Skills
A cover letter is used to: Highlight information in an accompanying resume.
Which should NOT be included in the conclusion of the cover letter/letter of application? Salutation to a specific person or title.
Which should NOT be included as part of a follow-up letter? Request for another interview
A career portfolio is helpful in a job interview because it: Helps showcase the applicants’ skills, interests and abilities.
Which question should a candidate expect to be asked during a job interview? What are your skills and abilities?
Created by: EddieS