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Retail Pharm #3

Module 2

You have Plavix 75 mg #30 to Return to Stock. It's ok to pour the tablets back into the original container. False
Prednisone and other glucocorticoids should be taken with food
You can cut a capsule in half? False
A list of drugs stocked by the pharmacy Formulary
When a drug must be returned to the mfg because the drug does NOT meet the FDA standard Recall
The nonproprietary name of a drug Generic
Electronic insurance billing for medication payment Adjudication
The same as name brand Trade name
aa of each
G gram
gal gallon
gr grain
gtt drop
kg kilogram
L Liter
lb pound
mcg microgram
ug microgram symbol
ss 1/2
tsp teaspoon
mL milliliter
mg microgram
mEq milliEquivalent
pt pint
qt quart
oz ounce
tbsp tablespoon
U unit
capsule cap
concentrate conc
cream cr
elixir elix
injection inj
mixture mixt
oint ointment
ophthalmic pertaining to eye
otic ear preparation
solution soln
tinct tincture
supp suppository
susp suspension
AU each ear
STAT immediately
HS at bedtime
OS left eye
QOD every other day
QID 4xs a day
Q every
AS left ear
PRN as needed
IM intramuscular
PO by mouth
pc after meals
OU each eye
ac before meals
NPO nothing by mouth
SL under the tongue
TID three times a day
PV vaginally
BID two times a day
SQ subcutaneous
OD right eye
AD right ear
PR rectally
Which drug is used for emergency contraception levonorgestrel(Plan B)
What drug is used to treat genital herpes acyclovir (Zovirax)
What can cause a false positive when using a home pregnancy test collection the uring in a waxed paper cup
What hormone increases urinary output mineralocorticoids
What cardiac glycoside increases the forcefulness of the heart and can lower the heart rate Lanoxin
Which gland secretes hormones that help the body keep calcium levels adequate Parathyroid
If a patient is allergic to aspirin what other drug would they be allergic too Percodan
When a patient wants brand, the DAW code should be DAW 2
Which DAW code is used if the doctor wants brand DAW 1
What is the largest organ of the body? skin
What is the top layer of skin called epidermis
What to the sebaceous glands of the skin do produce skin oil
What genetic skin condition that may last a lifetime and usually begins during the teen years psoriasis
Which person is responsible for the maintenance in inventory stock in the pharmacy pharmacy buyer, pharmacy tech, pharmacy intern, pharmacy clerk, pharmacist
What is true about ASA it can reduce fever, it treats inflammation, it can relieve pain, the max amount for an adult per day is 4 grams, it has an anti-platelet effect
What is the likely result of putting cold ear drops in someone's ear dizziness, pain
Three statements for an otic preparation that is a suspension Lie on your right side to put drops in AS, store at room tempature, shake well before using
Drugs stored in refrig Phenergan suppositories, Xalatan (eye meds), insulin, aspirin suppositories
What is the equivalent for 1/2 oz three teaspoonful, 15 mL, 15 cc, one tablespoon
1 UG 1 microgram
1000 mcg 1 miligram (mg)
1000 mg 1 Gram
16 ozs 1 lb
1 grain 60 mg
1 lb 454 G
1 oz 30 mL
1 dram 5 mL
16 ozs 1 pint
1 pint 473 mL (exact)
1 pint 480 mL (rounded)
2 pints 1 quart
4 quarts 1 gallon
3785 mL 1 gallon
N/V nausea/vomiting
MI heart attack
PB phenobarbital
MS morphine sulfate
HCTZ hydrochlorothiazide
PCN penicillin
MT muscle tension
HC hydrocortisone
H/A headache
NKA no known allergies
NIDDM person NOT dependent on insulin, but is a diabetic
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