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Europe Unit Test

Unit Test Review

What do the Ural Mountains divide? Europe and Asia
What bodies of water border Europe? Atlantic Ocean, Arctic Ocean, Mediterranean Sea
What form of religion became extremely popular and powerful during the Middle Ages? Christianity
What document limited the powers of the king in 1215, and is what our constitution is based on? Magna Carta
The Berlin Wall divided Germany into two parts. What part was democratic? Western
True or False: Machines in the Industrial Revolution increased productivity. True
What countries was the USA allies with in WWII? Great Britain, Russia, and others.
What did Johannes Gutenburg invent? printing press
T or F Working conditions in factories used to be very poor for many people. true
What is the difference between a democracy and a republic? In a republic, people elect leaders to represent them.
T or F Democracy came from Ancient Rome false
T or F Republic came from Ancient Rome true
T or F Europe is a country false
T or F The United States has a limited government true
T or F Our government has its roots in Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome true
T or F Communism held back Eastern Europe's standard of living true
T or F The standard of living is higher in countries with little money false
T or F The Soviet Union does not exist anymore true
T or F Under a communist government, people can't start businesses and generate their own money. true
T or F Machines have made goods easier and cheaper to produce true
Created by: kamorela