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Minecraft Quiz

Test your knowledge of this awesome game

What is the most common block found under the ground? Stone
How can you obtain Wheat? It can obtained by farming or found in dungeon chests
What can you make with Wheat? Bread, Cake, and Cookies
How do you obtain Chain Armor? Not possible in survival without hacks, only in creative mode can you get these items.
How do you get Bones? By killing skeletons
What are Kamikazes in minecraft? Creepers
What is the mob that is so annoying and only found in the nether? Ghasts
What Ore is the most rare? Emerald Ore
What game is this? (you shouldn't get this one wrong) Minecraft
What type of mob do you get raw chicken from? A Chicken
What is a power source? Redstone
Who is the main character? Steve
What are ALL the foods and drinks? (does not include potions) Raw beaf,steak,raw chicken,cooked chicken,raw porkchop,cooked porkchop,raw fish,cooked fish,mushroom stew,rotten flesh, pumpkin pie,potatoe,baked potatoe,posinous potatoe,carrot,golden carrot,apple,golden apple,bread,cookies,cake,cocoa beans
What are the numbers you can stack items up to? 64,16
What is the most common Ore found under the ground? Coal Ore
Who made this game? Notch and Jeb
Is this game awesome? YEAH!!
Whats my username? You shouldn't know
How many wooden planks do you need to make a crafting table? 4
What are the strongest items? Diamonds and Obsidian
________ are blue and strong. Diamonds
________ is black and immune to TNT. Obsidian
After killing the ____________, it drops tons of xp. Ender Dragon
After killing the Ender Dragon, it drops tons of __. xp
What are all of the neutral mobs? Enderman, Wolf, and Zombie Pigman
What are all of the utility mobs? Snow Golem and Iron Golem
What are all of the boss mobs? Ender Dragon and Wither
Where do you go to get minecraft resources?
Created by: CT-7567
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