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Red Prymaid (31-64)

auspicious marked by lucky signs or good omens
sabotaged the deliberate damaging or destroying things
carttouche the paper raising of a firework or cartridge
summoned to order somebody to appear in count
palette a borad on tray which an artist arranges
avatar an incarnation of a Hinda deity in human
annihilation to complete destruction of something
construed to interpert or understand the meaning of a word
flotsam wreckage, debris or fefuse from a ship
embodiment a tangible or visible expression
incantation the ritual chanting or use of supposedly magic
inferno a very large fire burning fiercely and uncontiollably
necromancer the practice of attempting to communicate
premonition a strong feeling, without a ratinoal basis
reconciling to bring two or more people back into friendly
retort to say something sharp,angry,witty,or insulting
sinewy lean,tough, and muscular
dubiously not sure about and outcome or conclusion
imploded to collapse inwardly with force as a result
intercepted to prevent people objects from reaching their destination
averted to prevent something from occuring
resdiual remaning after the majority of something hsa been removed
pillaged to rob a place using force, especially during a war
coalesced to merge or causes things to merge into a single body
portal a large or elaborate gate or entrance(literary)
predicament a diffcult, unpleasent,or embarrassing situation
futilely incapable of producing any result
lithe able to move or bend the body lightly an gracefully
converged to reach the same point but in different directions
queues a series of message of jobs waiting to be
supplicant somebody who ask humble and sincere
horde a large group of people
mandibles a lower jaw of a person or animal
apathetic not taking an interest in anything
scry to predict the future by using a crystal ball
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