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Vocabulary Workshop

Level A - Unit 5

acute with a sharp point; keen and alert; sharp and severe; rising quickly to a high point and lasting for a short time
bluster to talk or act in a noisy and threatening way; to blow in stormy gusts; speech that is loud and threatening
bungle to act or work clumsily and awkwardly; to ruin something
commentary a series of notes clarifying or explaining; an expression of opinion
duration the length of time that something continues or lasts
eerie causing fear because of strangeness; weird, mysterious
facet one aspect or side of a subject or problem; one of the cut surfaces of a gem
fidelity the state of being faithful; accuracy in details, exactness
fray a brawl, a noisy quarrel; to wear away by rubbing; make ragged or worn; to strain, irritate
headstrong willful, stubborn
inhabitant one living permanently in a given place
numb having lost the power of feeling or movement
pacify to make peaceful or calm; to soothe
ravenous greedy; very hungry; eager for satisfaction
refute to prove incorrect
remorse deep and painful regret for one's past misdeeds
setback something that interferes with progress; a disappontment, unexpected loss or defeat
smug overly self-satisfied, self-righteous
synopsis a brief statement giving a general view of some subject
tarry to delay leaving; to linger, wait; to remain or stay for a while
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