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Quizzam Questions

Spine Quizzam Questions

Which joint is the nodding joint? C0-1 (OA)
C7 has a bifid SP? False
Defect of pars interarticularis is spondylolysis True
First SP to be palpated distal to the inion C2
Most neck flex/ext occurs b/t? C5-6
Scalenes that attach to 1st rib Anterior/Middle
Which ligament prevents the dens from intruding on SC Transverse
Upper Crossed Syndrome characteristic Passively Insufficient Longus Colli
Which motion to uncinate processes (joints of Luschka) restrict most? Cervical SB
Myotomal correlate to C6 Elbow flex/Wrist ext
Dermatomal correlate to C6 Thenar eminence
Common symptom of lateral stenosis Hyporeflexia
Which level of C-spine is most commonly affected by DDD? C6-7
Which is NOT a "hard" neuro finding? Axial neck pain
Directions limited by lateral stenosis in the C-spine? Extension/Ipsilateral SB
Neck pain is always present with spinal stenosis (T/F) False
Spurling's has been shown to be more specific than sensitive for C-spine pathology (T/F) True
Neck complaints including neuro s/sx following whiplash Grade 3 whiplash
Which type of HA is most often bilateral? Tension
If pt has dizziness only with passive rotation of head during the dizziness test, which is most likely? Inner Ear Problems
Which is a burst fx of the atlas (C1)? Jefferson Fx
Which joint is most susceptible to defect in a pt with Downs Syndrome? OA
Cervical ribs occur most commonly at C6 (T/F) False
T-Spine disc herniation most common at T7-8 (T/F) True
Clay-Shoveler's fx is usually unstable (T/F) False
About how many hours is the half-life of caffeine? 5 or 6
PT examines a pt with limited cervical ROM. As part of the exam, the PT attempts to screen the pt for possible VBI, but is unable to position the pt’s head & neck in the recommended test position. The MOST appropriate action is to Complete the VBI test as far into the available cervical ROM as tolerated.
Pt is referred to PT with a C6 nerve root injury. Which of the following clinical findings would not be expected with this type of injury Paresthesias of long & ring fingers
PT treats an infant dx’d with torticollis with marked lateral flexion of the neck to the right. As part of the infant’s PoC the PT performs passive stretching activities to improve the pt’s ROM. MOST appropriate stretch for the pt is what Lateral flexion to left & Rotation to the right
PT performs goniometric measurements on a pt rehab’ing form injuries sustained in an MVA. When measuring C-spine rotation, which of the following landmarks would be the MOST appropriate for the axis of the goniometer Centered over center of cranial aspect of the head
PT examines pt with C6 SC injury. Which muscle wouldn’t be innervated based on pt’s level of injury Triceps
PT completes UQ screening exam on pt with suspected C-spine lesion. Which objective finding isn’t consistent with C5 involvement? Mm wkness in supinator/wrist extensors
PT palpates medially along spine of scapula. Which SP is at same level as vertebral end of the scapula? T3
Which grades of oscillation are MOST appropriate for stretching maneuvers? 3 & 4
Which doesn’t provide direct restraint to the TMJ disc? Medial Pterygoid
For which TMJ would a distraction mob be most appropriate if a C-curve to the left upon mandibular depression is noted? Left
During which mandible mvmt is temporalis least active? Protrusion
Resting position of the mouth Lips closed, teeth slightly apart, tongue resting on hard palate behind the front teeth.
Characteristic of closed lock TMJ Capsular pathology suspected
For which clicking scenario would the degree of disc displacement be most severe? Click late in the opening phase, & early in closing phase.
Right C-curve is noted as a pt depresses his mandible. Limited opening is also evident. Which tx is most appropriate? Bilateral cotton ball biting b/t molars as a self-mobilization
TMJ Arthrokinematics During mandibular elevation, condyle rolls anteriorly & slides posteriorly
When joint noises, limited jaw opening & ipsilateral deflection are present simultaneously which of the following is suspected? Disc Displacement
According to the rule of 3’s, where is the spinous process of T6 located? Halfway b/t TP's of T6-7
Assuming pt has restricted R AA rotation with neck locked/fully flexed, which would be the most likely dysfunction? L side of atlas not going forward
Primary role of transverse ligament? Preventing the dens from displacing posteriorly at C1-2
True concerning scoliosis Named according to the convex side, rib hump on convex side, decreased intra-thoacic space on convex side
Best way to assess AA joint mobility without touching the patient Ask pt to fully flex chin to chest & rotate as far as they can in each direction respectively
Which combination of mvmts would produce the most opening of L cervical neural foramen? Cervical flexion, R rotation, R SB
According to Rule of 3's, where is the SP of T7 located? In line with TP's of T8
Smallest disc/vertebral body height ratio to largest Thoracic < Lumbar < Cervical
Which pt is most at risk for progression of scoliosis? One with low Risser classification & S curve
Which degree marks the point at which surgery is generally considered to correct scoliosis? 50*
Which of the following best describes the location of pump handle rib motion? Upper Ribs
Upon deep inhalation, which of the following occurs? Inferior Glide of the rib at costotransverse joint
Which head position is used to determine presence of elevated right 1st rib? Flexion, L rotation, SB
Given a pt whose T5 segment is stuck down & back, where would a PT’s stabilizing hand be placed while attempting to mobilize segment up & forward using technique performed with pt in sitting? Directly above T6 SP
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