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Dog Breeds #112955

Dog Breeds -Hounds Stack #112955

Dog BreedDescrip.
Afghan “King of dogs” an aristocrat with long flowing, silky coat from blond to black. From deserts & mountains dating back to 4,000BC pop.in 1700s. Sight Hound.
Basenji The “barkless dog” from Egyptian engravings 4,000 BC. Wrinkled forehead, curled tail, chestnut red to black, white chest. Horse trotting gait. Shorthair. Sight Hound.
Basset Name means “low stature” in French. Sad facial expression, but easy going & affectionate. Drooping ears big nose. Short legged, and sturdy frame red, black, and white. Shorthaired. Scent Hound.
Beagle Smallest (scent) hound. Nicknamed “Singing”. Old as the Celts. Resembles Basset (only smaller) & miniature foxhounds. r/b/w & drooping ears
Black & Tan Coonhound Scent hound who loves the trail. Black- short coat ancestor of bloodhound, foxhound & Talbot hound. Tan markings over eyes & toes. Droopy ears.
Bloodhound Keenest scent nose of all breeds. Tracking dog. Extremely loose skinned, long hanging ears. Ancestor of beagle & basset. red/tan/blk.shthr.
Borzoi Name means ‘swift’ in Russia. Sight hound of courage & agility. Middle Ages origin.Long silky wavy coat, long nose.Intelligent eyes, soft expression.
American Foxhound Scent hound dating from 17th century Master of Hounds Robert Brooke & England 18th cent.Close coat,sloping shoulders,tan/white,blk/whte & gold/whte-scent hound.
English Foxhound Larger version of Am.Foxhound. 13th cent. St. Hubert/Bloodhound bred. May yodel, bay, or bark. Various pieds of white, yellow & tan. Shrtcoat. Scent hound.
Harrier Med. size head, bold forehead, plenty of expression. Developed 12th century. Short dense glossy coat like English. Foxhound,but smaller tan/white/black. Scent hound.
Dachshund Means ‘badger dog’ in German. Smooth, longhaired or wirehaired. Short legged, low to ground. Blk, tan or dappled. Scent dog. Wires have bushy eyebrows.
Greyhound Sight hound. Fastest in world. Sweet, gentle & loyal. Lean- narrow body. Red, blk, tan brindle. Found in OT, on Egyptian tombs & papyri, Chaucer & Ovid.
Ibizan Hound Found in King Tut’s tomb, on Phoenician coin, brought to Spain. Named for island.Wiry coat with mustache, rosy nose, red white or lion colored.
Irish Wolfhound Sight hound. Tallest of dogs, grows faster than lion cub. In 273 BC were in Greece & 391 AD Rome. Rough hard wiry coat in tans, brindle, gray, & others.
Italian Greyhound Toy breed. Sight hound. Slender, graceful, high-stepping. Known of at Pompeii, has 2 statues in Vatican. Short glossy coat of most colors.
Norwegian Elkhound Viking ancestory of 5,000 BC. Northern dog, tight- curled tail, med. Head, erect ears. Double coat of gray & black. Underside silver.
Otterhound Dating to 12th century owned by many English nobility. Descended from French hounds. Scent hound. Double-coated,webbed feet for swimming. Powerful bay. Loves the chase.
Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen(PBGV)- Long eyebrows, beard, mustache,long rough coat, & tapered tail. White with other colors. Scent hound. Only 400 yrs ago in coastal western France.
Pharoah Hound Resembles Anubis- dog god of Egypt, was sent to Malta. Short glossy coat, tan to chestnut, possible white star on chest. Nose blushes when excited.
Rhodesian Ridgeback Sight hound.Hair grows in opp. direction from rest of coat.Wheaten/red wheat, short sleek fur. From Hottentot people in Africa.
Saluki Sight hound. Graceful slender, long head, silky-smooth fur, low- set tail, feathering & nonfeathering on legs. Sumerian Empire, & Caspian Sea to Sahara.
Scottish Deerhound Owned by nobility, and clan chieftains. Sight dog, greyhound- like, large with harsh- wiry -shaggy coat, darker blue- grey than Irish.
Whippet Elegant & graceful with short coat, long & lean body, all coat colors, & turned out ears. For its size the fastest dog. Mini- greyhound. It would ”snap like a whip” round a field for prey.
Created by: Findout