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XR 103

Quiz #1

angiography imaging of blood vessels with the injection of special compounds called "contrast media"
computed tomography "CT" computerized xray systems that provides axial images (transverse "slices" of all parts of the body
fluoroscopy real time viewing of xray images in motion
magnetic resonance imaging "MRI" computerized imaging sustem that uses a powerful magnetic field and radiofrequency pulses to produce images of all parts of the body
mammography xray imaging of the breast using a special xray machine
nuclear medicine injection or ingestion of radioactive materials and recording of their uptake in the body using a gamma camera
positron emission tomography "PET" highly sophisticated computerized form of nuclear medicine imaging
radiation therapy treatment of malignant diseases using radiation
sonography imaging of soft tissue structures using sound echoes
anesthesiologist administers anesthetics and monitors patients during surgery
dermatologist diagnoses and treats conditions and diseases of the skin
emergency department physician specializes in treating trauma and emergency situations; a triage expert in disaster situations
family practice physician treats individuals and families in the context of daily life
gastroenterologist diagnoses and treats diseases of the gastrointestinal tract
geriatrician specialized in problems and diseases of elderly people
gunecologist treats problems and diseases of the female reproductive system
internist specializes in the diseases of he internal organs
neurologist specializes in functions and disorders of the nervous system
obstetrician specializes in pregnancy, labor, delivery, and immediate post par tum care
oncologist specializes in tumor identification and treatment
opthalmologist diagnoses and treats problems and diseases of the eyes
pathologist specializes in the scientific study of body alterations caused by disease and death
pediatrician treats and diagnoses disorders and diseases in children
podiatrist medical doctor who diagnoses and treats disorders and diseases of the feet
psyciatrist specializes in diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of mental illness
radiologist specializes in diagnosis by means of medical imaging
abdominal surgeon specializes in surgery of the abdominal cavity
neurological surgeon specializes in surgery of the brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nervous system
orthopedic surgeon diagnoses and treats problems of the misculoskeletal system
plastic surgeon restores or improves the appearance and function of body parts
thoracic surgeon specializes in problems of the chest
urologic surgeon diagnoses nd treats problems of the urinary tract and the male reproductive system
chiropractic specialist specialty certification is available to chiropractic physicians in the fields of radiology, orthopedics (non-surgical) , neurology, nutrition, sports medicine, and other fields.
primary radiation the xray beam that leaves the tube and is unattenuated, except by air
remnant radiation what remains of the primary beam after it has been attenuated by matter
scatter radiation radiation that is scattered or created as a result of the attenuation of the primary bean by matter