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Unit 3 Management 3

Information and Communication Systems

Apps an abbreviation for application; a piece of software that can run on the Internet, on a computer, phone, or other electronic device
Brainstorming a group discussion technique that is used to generate as many ideas as possible for solving a problem
Browser a program that permits you to navigate and view web pages
Channel of communication the means by which a message is conveyed
CIO the top computer executive
Communication sharing information which results in a high degree of understanding between the message, sender, and receiver
Communication Network a structure through which information flows in a business
Conflict a situation that develops when one person interferes with the achievement of another's goals
E-Commerce doing business online
E-Mail an electronic form of communication
Ergonomics a science of adapting equipment to the work and health needs of people
Facsimile (FAX) an exact copy or reproduction; duplicator that transmits the copy by wire or radio
Firewall a system using special software that screens people who enter or exit a network by requesting passwords
ISP a service that provides Internet access
MIS integrates data from various departments to make it available to help managers with daily business operations
PDA a small computer-like device that can send and receive messages wirelessly
Search Engine a program that assists in locating information on the Internet
Server a computer that stores data and application software for all computing workstations in a single building
Social Networking virtual communities for people interested in sharing information about themselves with others
Telecommunications exchange of information over distances by electronic means
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