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Units 7-9 Test

Study these words tonight!

Adieu "Goodbye!" Synonyms - a farewell Antonyms - hello, a greeting
Advent (n) an arrival, the moment something comes into view Synonyms - the approach Antonyms - the departure, the moment you leave
Apex (n) the highest point Synonyms - Peak, summit, acme, crowning point Antonyms - bottom, nadir
Assimilate (v) to absorb fully or make one's own, to adapt synonyms - Digest, incorporate, blend
Bogus (adj) false, counterfeit Synonyms - phony, fake, spurious Antonyms - genuine, authentic
Exorbitant (adj) unreasonably high cost Synonyms - expensive, inordinate, extreme Antonyms - inexpensive, affordable
Interim (n) The time between (adj) Temporary, in between Synonyms - interval, interlude
Inundate (v) to flood, overflow, overwhelm Synonyms - submerge, deluge, swamp
Malign (v) to trash talk, to slander (adj) evil Synonyms - defame, vilify, badmouth, wicked Antonyms - Praise, commend, kind
Meander (v) to wander about, to roam without clear direction (n) a sharp twist in a path Synonyms - ramble, roam, zigzag, twist
Metropolis (n) a large city Synonyms - a large urban center Antonyms - a hamlet, village, small town
Momentous (adj) very important Synonyms - portentous, consequential, weighty (as in a weighty decision) Antonyms - inconsequential, trivial, slight, unimportant
Obstreperous (adj) noisy, unruly, disorderly Synonyms - wild, rowdy, uncontrolled, riotous Antonyms - quiet, well-behaved, docile
Pensive (adj) thoughtful, melancholy, lost in your own thoughts Synonyms - dreamy, reflective, contemplative, wistful
Perilous (adj) dangerous Synonyms - Risky, chancy, hazardous, unsafe Antonyms - safe, secure, harmless
Shoddy (adj) poor quality, bad workmanship Synonyms - flimsy, cheap, tacky, imitative Antonyms - solid, durable, superior
Sprightly (adj) lively, full of life, spicy Synonyms - frisky, peppy, spirited, animated, buoyant Antonyms - sullen, spiritless, dull, morose, sluggish
Surly (adj) angry, bad-tempered, rude Synonyms - gruff, sullen, cranky, grouchy, hostile Antonyms - polite, gracious, civil, friendly, genial
Tirade (n) a long, angry speech, a long criticism Synonyms - harangue, diatribe, tongue-lashing
Vagrant (n) a wanderer, a hobo (adj) something that's gone astray Synonyms - a drifter, vagabond, nomad Antonyms - homebody, stay-at-home, resident
Assurance (n) a pledge, confidence, freedom from doubt Synonyms - promise, sureness, poise, self-possession Antonyms - uncertainty, doubt, insecurity
Asylum (n) an institution for the care of people who need it, a safe place Synonyms - sanatorium, sanctuary, refuge
Console (V) To comfort (n) the keyboard or control panel for a device Synonyms - sooth, alleviate Antonyms - distress, aggravate, bother, vex, torment
Dilate (v) to make wider or larger, to expand Synonyms - enlarge, expand, swell, prolong Antonyms - contract, compress, constrict
Dross (n) refuse (trash), waste products Synonyms - rubbish, detritus, dregs, scum
Dwindle (v) to lessen, diminish Synonyms - decrease, shrink, fade, peter out Antonyms - increase, enlarge, swell, proliferate
Flippant (adj) lacking seriousness, disrespectful, saucy Synonyms - frivolous, impudent, impertinent, insolent Antonyms - serious, respectful, deferential, obsequious
Immunity (n) resistance to disease, freedom from consequences Synonyms - exemption, impunity Antonyms - vulnerability, susceptibility, exposure
Institute (v) to set up, establish something (n) an organization that promotes learning Synonyms - found, start, create, academy Antonyms - terminate, stop, demolish, raze
Liability (n) a debt, something that puts you at a disadvantage Synonyms - handicap, difficulty, impediment, drawback Antonyms - Advantage, asset
Preposterous (adj) ridiculous, senseless Synonyms - nonsensical, absurd Antonyms - reasonable, plausible
Pugnacious (adj) quarrelsome, fond of fighting, argumentative, belligerent, combative
Rabid (adj) furious, violently intense, unreasonably extreme, infected with rabies
Realm (n) a kingdom, a region, a field of study
Rejuvenate (v) to make young again, revitalize
Remunerate (v) to reward, to pay, to reimburse, compensate, benefit
Sparse (adj) meager, scant, scattered, thin, scanty, spread out
Sterling (adj) genuine, true, excellent, made of silver
Venture (n) a risky job, a gamble (v) to expose to danger, to try, to undertake
Warp (v) to distort or twist out of shape, to bend (n) an abnormal part of something, irregularity
Auxiliary (adj) something that gives assistance or support, additional (n) a helper, and aid
Candid (adj) frank, sincere, impartial, plainspoken, unbiased, fair
Cubicle (n) a small room or compartment
Drudgery (n) tiresome work
Envoy (n) a representative or messenger, an agent, an emissary
Escalate (v) to elevate, increase, climb, raise, ascent, mount
Expedient (n) a way to get something done, a device (adj) advantageous, useful
Feign (v) to pretend, to fake, sham, affect
Flair (n) a natural talent for something, a distinctive style, a knack, panache
Grievous (adj) causing sorrow or pain, serious, painful, heartrending, onerous, flagrant
Heterogeneous (adj) composed of different kinds
Horde (n) a vast number
Impel (v) to force
Incredulous (adj) disbelieving
inscribe (v) to write
Monologue (n) a speech by one actor
Prognosis (n) a forecast of the probable outcome of something
Rasping (adj) a harsh, grating sound
Repugnant (adj) offensive
Scuttle (v) to sink a ship or get rid of something (n) a pail
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