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Cat Breeds#112773

Cat Breeds Stack #112773

Cat BreedDescrip.
Persian Popular long-hair; bred from Turkish Angoras. Cream colors,described as "snub nosed" or "doll faced" with a sweet nature.
Maine Coon Oldest American breed "Gentle Giant" longhair, tufted ears, square muzzle, impressive tail
Abysinnian Intelligent, dignified, unusual ticked short coat of dark ruddy bands. Possibly Egyptian.
Russian Blue Similar to British Shorthairs, elegant, gray short coat, such as Tsar Nicholas' "Vashka"
Singapura One of the smallest breeds, huge eyes with dark outline, shorthair color sepia agouti.
Scottish Fold Companionable with round face & eyes, turned- in ears,shorthair.From UK isles.
American Shorthair Large, full cheeks,& square muzzle. One of the oldest breeds. Family & dog loving. Many are Tabby.
Bengal "Leopard Cat" large, robust, with wedge shaped head & spotted short fur.
California Spangled The "Designer Cat" of Paul Casey. Long build & distinctive black round spots of short fur.
Siamese Tall & graceful svelte build,elongated face with blue eyes."Big" personality
Sphynx Hairless, prominent cheekbones, few or no whiskers.Suede like, wrinkled skin.Bred in Canada.
British Shorthair Big round head & some are gray-blue shorthairs, full chest. Possibly came to UK with Romans 1st Century AD.
Somali Semi longhaired version of Abys.Tufted ears & paws, ticked coat with 12 bands of color on each fur. Tail has full brush of hair.
Oriental Shorthair Siamese like except for all over coat color & pattern. Almost canine like in behavior. Delicate tapered face & nose.
Turkish Van "The Swimming Cat" semi-long haired blunt triangular head, silky coat.
Norwegian Forest The "Wegie" loves outdoors,has rich double-layered long coat.Viking background Scandinavian farm worker.
Manx Tailless, rumpy riser, stumpy, and longy in tail descrip.Have a bunny hop gait. Isle of Man origin.Calm.
Himalayan Colour-point longhair versian of persian.Small round-tipped ears,large paws. Blue-Cream Point, blue eyes.
Nebelung "Mist Creature" in German, longhaired version of Russian Blue.Timid & reserved.
Savannah Part Serval part Bengal, large with black 'tear drop' markings.Spotted, striped, or marbled.
Bombay Looks like a little black panther shorthair. Short snub-nose and firm chin. Tilted ears for alert expression.
Turkish Angora Semi-longhair with bushy tail.May have one blue and one green eye. Was used to make Persian breed. Is graceful with attractive tapered head.
Burmilla Small, dainty, stable, and dignified shorthair with wedge-face,& dark eyelining.Pt. Burmese, pt. Chinchilla.
Devon Rex Muscular, slim figure, prominent cheeks,rippled coat, nicknamed 'Poodle Cat'. Mischievous attention loving.
Cornish Rex Short, plush, regularly-waved coat. Crinkled whiskers & eyebrows.Fine-limbed.
Selkirk Rex Naturaly curly, round faced, persian ancestry, longhaired & shorthaired varieties.
Exotic Shorthair Shorthaired version of persian. Short stubby nose, medium to large & cobby build.Soft squeaky voice.
Munchkin Longhaired & shorthaired; short legs, & slightly turned-out paws. Love to be handled.
Egyptian Mau Random spots on short coat, silver, bronze, black, & smoke. Roam streets of Cairo. May be African wildcat descendents.
Ragdoll Go limp in your arms, the semi-longhaired's coat is dark compared with other breeds. Blue eyed.
Created by: Findout