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Level E Unit 12

Ms. Lilly's Sophomores

Abjure To renounce, repudiate under oath; to avoid, shun
Acrid, (adj.) Harsh in taste or odor; sharp in manner or temper
August, (adj.) Majestic, inspiring admiration and respect
Callous, (adj.) Emotionally hardened, unfeeling
Clandestine, (adj.) Secret, concealed; underhanded
Compunction, (n.) Remorse, regret
Conflagration,(n.) A large destructive fire
Elated, (adj.) In high spirits, jubilant;; extremely pleased
Indelible, (adj.) Not able to be erased or removed; memorable
Indulgent, (adj.) yielding to the wishes or demands of others
Inveterate, (adj.) Firmly established, long-standing; habitual
Irrelevent, (adj.) Not to the point, not applicable or pertinent
Nocturnal (adj.) Of or occurring in the night; under cover of darkness
Platitude, (n.) A commonplace, stale or trite remark
Quell (v.) To subdue, put down forcibly
Quiescent, (adj.) Inactive; at rest
Ruminate, (v.) To meditate, think about at length, to chew the cud
Tacit, (adj.) Unspoken, silent; implied, inferred
Tangible, (adj.) Capable of being touched; real, concrete
Trenchant, (adj.) Incisive, keen, forceful, effective; cutting, caustic
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