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PSY 216 Final Review

Karen Horney

basic psychological evil a parent's inability or unwillingness to love their child appropriately
What does the psychological evil cause? causes basic hostility which is repressed and gives rise to basic anxiety
what is basic anxiety "a feeling of being isolated and helpless in a world conceived as potentially hostile"
Four defenses against basic anxiety affection (buy love) submission (also to get love) power (control) withdrawal (detach to avoid being hurt)
Neurotic need: affection an approval lives for good opinion of others and sensitive to rejection
Neurotic need: a partner to take control overviews love and afraid of being left alone
Neurotic need: restricting one's life narrow borders, values modesty above all, content with little
Neurotic need: power controlling, craving power
Neurotic need: prestige one's self-evaluation is determined by amount of public recognition received
Neurotic need: personal admiration inflated picture of themselves and wish to be admired on the best
Neurotic need: personal achievement want to be the very best and drive themselves to greater achievements
Neurotic need: independence set themselves apart and refuse to be tied down
Neurotic need: perfection fearful of making mistakes and being criticized
Solutions to basic anxiety: moving toward compliance. Normal counterpart= friendly, loving
Solutions to basic anxiety: moving against aggression. normal counterpart= survives competition
Solutions to basic anxiety: moving away from detachment normal counterpart=independent
despised real self a false conception based on parental evaluation
idealized self as we think we "should be"
tyranny of the shoulds "should be able to do this..."
Created by: cappela4
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