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Psychology Final

Sarah is trying to function at her best and be the healthiest person she can possibly be. Sarah is concerned with her own ___ well being
Freud argues that defense mechanisms are ___ unconscious strategies that the mind uses to protect itself from distress
On The Big Bang Theory, Howard has trouble with his relationship with his girlfriend. He is dating a woman with a personality very similar to his mother’s and he won’t leave his mother’s house. A psychologist who follows Freud would suggest Howard has ___ has An unresolved Oedipal complex from his phallic stage
4. Which is the typical psychosexual development, according to Freud? (11/9/12 lecture) oral--analphalliclatency periodgenital
Which are consistent with the symptoms of Major Depression in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM)? (11/16/12 lecture) . Daniel has had trouble sleeping. He is tired, drowsy and “not at his best” during the day. 2. John believes life “isn’t worth living” and has developed a plan to commit suicide. 3. AJ’s appetite has increased. She eats a lot more “junk food” and has ga
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