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Consfusing Words

Confusing Words to Remember

accept to receive
except other than
affect a verb meaning to cause a change in or to influence
effect as a verb means to bring about or accomplish. As a noun, effect means result.
all ready two word phrase that means completely ready
already one word, an adverb, meaning before or by this time
all together in a group
altogether completely
among use among for three or more people, things, or groups
between use between for two people, things, or groups
beside next to
besides in addition to
choose to select
chose the past tense of chose meaning selected
good an adjective meaning pleasing or able
well an adverb telling how ably something is done, or as an adjective meaning in good health
in inside
into movement from outside toward the inside
it's the contraction of it is
its the possessive of the personal pronoun which does NOT take an apostrophe
lay to place something - an object
lie to recline (used with people or animals)
learn to gain knowledge
teach to give knowledge
leave to go away
let to allow
set to place or put something
sit to place oneself in a seated position - can be used with people or animals
than introduces the second part of a comparison
then a time order word meaning at that time or after that
there a place or location of something or someone
their the possessive form of they
they're the contraction of they are
to in the direction of
too also or to an excessive degree
who's the contraction of who is
whose the possessive form of who
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