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PSY 216 Final Review

Carl Jung

Archetypes images passed down by thousands of experiences common to most humans
Archetypes: persona the public face, identity, the facade we present to make a favorable and acceptable impression
Archetypes: shadow dark side questions we don't want to know about. contains a lot of our basic animal nature
Archetypes: Anima the female in the male mind from thousands of mothers, sisters, lovers that leaves a general image of the female
Archetypes: Animus the male in the female mind
Archetypes: great mother fertility and nourishment power and destruction
Archetypes: wise old man we can identify with it and believe it is who we are
Archetypes: hero what you should do
Archetypes: rebirth universal motive. Some sort if afterlife in all religions
Attitude: introversion consciously tuned into the internal, focuses on subjective
Attitude: extroversion consciously tuned into the external, focuses on objective
Functions: sensation focuses on awareness of sensory experience, the details coming through the senses. tells us something exists
Functions: intuition awareness of the big picture. knowing without knowing how you know
Functions: feeling giving value to something, accepting or rejecting, liking or disliking
Functions: thinking analysis, connects ideas, determines what is there
Created by: cappela4
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