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A career portfolio should include: personal assessment data
What is the number one item for a successful interview? Be punctual
A person who owns stock in a company is called a/an: stockholder
Something a person enjoys doing or thinking about is a/an: interest
What is important in making a good first impression? appearance
The natural ability or potential for learning new skills is a/an: aptitude
The cluster related to developing, promoting and providing goods to consumers is: Marketing, Sales and Services
Values are: the beliefs and ideas one lives by
The cluster related to the practical use of scientific, technical and mathematical knowledge is Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
The cluster related to growing and processing crops, animals and raw materials is Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources
Mary heard about a job opening with a local construction company. She applied and interviewed for the job, but was not hired because she was female. This is an example of: discrimination
A positive result of understanding one’s personality will: help one choose a career
People whose names are used as character references are people who know the applicant well
A person’s outlook on life is his/her: attitude
In order to resolve a conflict between one’s career goals and personal values one must: reach a compromise
The cluster related to providing lodging, food, recreation and travel related services is: Hospitality and Tourism
Anything that is available for use in helping to reach one’s goal is a resource
Which of the following lifestyle factors would one MOST consider if pursuing a career as a national park adventure tour guide? location
A job where one works only a portion of a full work week, but does it regularly is a: part-time job
A fixed amount of money earned, regardless of hours worked is a salary
A person who likes working around a lot of people might enjoy working as a teacher
Jobs requiring similar knowledge and skills are: related occupations
The cluster related to providing education, training, and related support services is: Education and training
The cluster related to computer, web-based, and telecommunications services is: Information Technology
The cluster related to the designing and producing materials into intermediate or final products is: Manufacturing
Paid vacation, paid sick-leave, health-plan benefits, retirement-plan contributions and tuition reimbursement are examples of: fringe benefits
Someone who purchases a good or service with the intent to use it is a: consumer
a guideline for completing a job application form? Read the entire application first
When considering a job, one of the main factors to consider is: employment outlook
The cluster related to providing legal and protective services is: Law, Public Safety, and Security
Which of the following assessment tools matches skills with careers? aptitude assessment
The cluster related to designing, building and repairing structures is: Architecture and Construction
Occupations which are grouped together based on similar knowledge or skills make up a/an: career cluster
A person applying for a job is a/an applicant
Social Security, Federal Income Tax and State Income Tax are subtracted from most people’s paychecks. These are called: deductions
To screen out applicants means to: eliminate the ones not wanted
When two or more companies strive for consumer dollars competition
People with negative attitudes usually: seem angry much of the time
a job duty for teachers? developing lesson plans
The way you see yourself and your feelings about your own worth and value is the definition for: self-concept
Andrew would like to become a Crime Scene Investigator. His education/training requirements should focus on: Sciences
What would most likely help one make the best decision? Decision Making Process
What are the units of measurement that schools use to determine whether or not students are progressing toward graduation? credits
When there is a choice between two or more possibilities, one must make a: decision
The work done over a period of years: career
Most companies require new employees to go through a time of becoming familiar with a new job. This time is called: Orientation
Someone who likes to be outdoors might enjoy working as a: forest ranger
The cluster related to planning, organizing, and directing business operations is: Business, Management and Administration
A business owned by many people but treated by the law as though it were one person is a/an: corporation
Something that a person wants to obtain and works to achieve: goal
A special skill and/or knowledge required of an applicant is a/an qualification
The fee charged by colleges for taking their classes is: tuition
Being on time for work is punctuality
The course of action one decides to take at the end of the decision-making process: plan
The natural way one thinks and learns is known as: learning style
Internet, libraries, and interviews are resources for: researching careers
Outsourcing in a global economy may result in: a loss of jobs in the U.S.
The cluster related to coordinating the movement of people, goods and services is: Transportation, Distribution and Logistics
A tentative decision: can be changed
A fellow employee is a/an: co-worker
A job one performs without pay is a: volunteer job
A business that two or more people own and operate is a: partnership
A course that is chosen by a student according to his or her own interests is a/an: elective
Working at the mall for only the holiday season is an example of: temporary job
The combination of all the interests, values, behaviors, and characteristics that make a person unique make up his/her ________. personality
The tool used by most employers to find out basic information about job applicants is: an application form
The cluster related to maintaining and improving people’s physical and mental well-being is: Health Sciences
The first step in choosing a career is to get to know more about: yourself
To look at closely and judge is to: Evaluate
The ability to perform a certain activity well is a/an: Aptitude
The cluster related to visual and performing arts, multimedia communications and journalism is Arts, Audio-Video Technology, and Communications
The amount of money earned for work done by the hour is referred to as: wages
A worker who has this trait does not steal from the company and does not make up excuses for being late: good work ethic
Someone who creates a good or service is a: producer
Why is it important to have a positive attitude? to increase chances of success
Companies often have a wide variety of workers with different backgrounds, experiences, ideas and skills. This is an example of: workplace diversity
Decision-making is important because: many decisions are made throughout life
A person who puts off doing things or making decisions is a procrastinator
People who organize, manage, and assume the risk of a business are known as entrepreneurs
The type of job in which a person is employed is a/an: occupation
When using “NA” on an application form, it means Not Applicable
The cluster related to providing services that improve people’s quality of life and promote safe and healthy communities is: Human Services
Productive activity resulting in something useful: work
When there is a clash of ideas or values one has a: conflict
Working conditions include: workplace environment
The people or businesses who hire others are: employers
A rule or method that the employer has decided is the best way to get a job done: procedure
The most common reason for losing a job is: a negative attitude
The cluster related to regulating and maintaining local, state and federal government is: Government and Public Administration
The cluster related to acquiring, investing and managing money is: Finance
A formal, get-acquainted meeting between the employer and the job applicant is a/an: interview
Created by: jcandland
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