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PSY 216 Final Review


free association speak what's on one's mind
Frau Emmy women who was scared of elevators and canceling her appointment because of her period. It was associated with her daughter's ovary illness and would have to take the elevator
Frauline Von. R she recalled going on walks with her sister's husband. Felt like it was her fault for his death. was in love with her sister's husband
seduction hypothesis "hysteria in all cases has to deal with premature sexual contexts"
childhood sexuality children have sexual motives
oedipal complex idea that young boys are in love with their mothers and fearful/jealous of their fathers
oral stages 0-1 mouth & lips are erogenous zones. baby must suck to survive and self sooth.
Anal stage 2-3. toilet training, awareness of anal muscles, holding on & letting go
Phalic stage 4-6 oedipal complex "discover themselves"
latency stage 6-11 dormant sexuality
genital stage 12> sexuality begins
Id pleasure principle. satisfy instinctual desires. unconscious
Ego reality principle. decisions based on id, superego and external reality. satisfying Id with consciousness of superego. preconscious
superego oughts & shoulds. ego ideal.
repression putting out of consciousness
reaction formation what you think is threatening, so you do the opposite
displacement placing fear onto something different/less threatening
fixation locking into previous gratification without moving on
regression revert back to earlier stage
projection placing own true feeling onto someone else
introjection taking in something from someone else
sublimation substitution of a culturally acceptable aim (example: painting nudes=sexual)
rationalization substituting the real reason of something with something socially acceptable
Intellectualization substituting thinking for feeling
Created by: cappela4
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