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Retail Test #2

Module 2

Prednisone and other glucocorticoids should be taken with? Food
A verbal order for a Schedule II drug may not bw filled under any circumstances? False
Once scheduled drugs are received, the invoice must be kept for how long? Atleast 2 years
A prescription for a controlled substance must be written in.... pen
The Board of Pharmacey reviews and updates current rules and regulations pertaining to: Pharmacey Practice
Can a patient refuse a consultation on a new prescription? Yes
Ear medications can be used in the eye FALSE...they are not sterile
It is the pharmacist's decision as to which auxiliary labels should be placed on a prescription TRUE
A DEA number is needed on all controlled drug prescriptions in an outpatient setting. TRUE
Only pharmacists and pharmacy interns can transfer a prescription to another pharmacy. TRUE
In some states a technician can give advice or consult a patient on their medications. FALSE
In our retail pharmacy the retail pharmacy is arranged by? The trade name
Nitroglycerin is good for? 3 months
A common side effect of antihistamines (OTC)) sleepiness
Which insulin acts quickly and is clear? regular insulin
A customer says her baby is has the flu and asks where the baby aspirin is found in your pharmacy. What should you say. tell her you will have the pharmaceist speak to her
What is the strenght of Insulin and where is it stored? 100 units/mL and in the refrig
How are drugs unpacked? CII, scheduled and refrigerated
APAP acetaminophen
ASA aspiran
ac before meals
pc after meals
BP blood pressure
disp. dispense
AU each ear
OU each eye
OS left eye
AS left ear
AD right ear
OD right eye
TID 3 times a day
BID twich daily
QID four times a day
c with
s without
PRN as needed for
ACE angiotensin coverting enzyme
ad lib at pleasure
AM morning
ASAP as soon as possible
ATC around the clock
AWP average wholesale price
BCP birth control pills
BM bowel movement
cap capsule
CHF conjective heart failure
Cmpd, cpd compound
conc concentrate
COPD chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
cr cream
CTM Chlor-Trimeton
DAW dispense as written
DC discharge or discontinue
DDS dentist
DM diabetes mellitus
DM dextromethorphan
DAW do NOT stock or do NOT substitute
What is the maxium strenght of ibuprofen OTC? Adult max is 3200 mg or 200 mg OTC
Auxiliary labels are warning labels
What is a list of approved uses of medications call? formulary
To prevent errors what is the least number of times the pharmacy lable should be read? 3
Enteric-coated tablets should not be split
Open vials of insulin should be discarded after 28 days
The prescription's SIG refers to the patient direction
If the patient's profile is not complete the tech can fill it in
Overriding warnings of drug interations or allergies can be performed by the pharmacists only
The purchase of C2 drugs must be executed on a DEA 22 form
The DEA requires that a complete inventory of all controlled substances must be taken every shift change (legally every 2 years)
What scheduled drug must be kept separate from other prescription records? CII's
All prescriptions must be kept on file for 3 years
Drugs containing testosterone are placed in what schedule? CIII
100 mcg equals how many milligrams 0.1
Which party does third-party billing refer to? Insurance Co.
Maximum daily dose for ASA 4 G
If a patient is allergic to aspirin they would also be allergic to Percodan
Which class of drug has the lowest abuse potential Class V
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