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Final Exam

wagons "rolling platform"; framing is the same as platforms (built on edge but with casters)
casters fixed: straight back and forth; swivel: universal, can be steered (but need to break)
tracking positive: built up to wagon/ added to stage floor (wood or angle iron) [drawback: aesthetically unappealing; trip hazard]; negative: use a knife (linear post barring), connected to platform in a track [drawback: damages floors]
jack knife wagon wagon with a fixed pivot point; straight casters are perpendicular to the radius of the fixed pivot point
turntables "revolving wagon"; used when multiple scenery; use straight casters perpendicular to radius no more than 4ft apart; NEVER use swivel casters
reverse caster turntable casters are upside down on floor while platform rotates on top; advantage: quicker and quieter
wheel drive electronic motor with a somewhat deflated tire; drawback: have to run power to motor
grip drive people shift turntable manually; not an actual method
cable drive closed system: one end of aircraft cable is attached to winch drum, then wrapped around turntable twice, and returns to attach other end to winch drum, also.
raked stage a stage on an incline; legs attached to stringers 4' on center horizontally; struts are 2' on center vertically.
bridling used for supporting over-length battens
tripping method for folding scenery when there is a lack of fly space
breasting 1) to allow two planes to live/play in the same place; 2) store a plane in a space other than directly above where it plays on stage
line shaft system weighted system (no counterweights, won't move if too heavy); uses a winch drum and needs a reverse break; a motor is attached to control/turn the batten (multiple rates/speeds)
roll drop (type of tripping); used when there isn't enough space to fly something completely out of sight; batten is deadtied and tube rolls up on itself
Created by: ehstudying
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