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Rad bio U6

List and describe the 2 ways an organ can heal itself. regeneration-replacement of damage cells by same cell type/ repair-the replacement of damaged cells by a difference cell type. The repair is the form of a scar or fibrosis
List 3 general organ changes in the early stage inflammation, edema, and hemorrhage
List 3 general organ changes in the late stage fibrosis, atrophy, ulceration, and necrosis
List in order the depression of blood cells lymphocytes,neutrophil, platlets and RBCs
Fast recovery bodys defense system. person will be susceptible to infection lymphocytes decreased first
Recovery soon, also part of the bodys defense system Neutrophils decreased second
Recovery slow necessary for clotting. Results in a hemorrhage Platelets- decrease third
Loss will result in anemia and hemorrhage RBCS decreased last
What is the most sensitive part of the GI tract small intestine
The acute dose of_____ will produce a permanent sterility in males 500-600 rads
The acute dose of_____ will produce a permanent sterility in females 625 rads
Cataracts are formed with doses as low as 200 rads
What is the most radioresistant system in an adult CNS central nervous system
The primary effect of radiation on bone marrow cells is hypoplasia
medical term for redding of the skin erythema
medical term for hair loss epilation
The heart was thought to be very radioresistant but now found that high doses will cause_____ pericarditis
Treatment of _____; neuroblastoma in children produces bone abnormalities and scoliosis Wilms tumor
What are the three things that could happen to respiratory system do to high radiation doses? radiation pnemonitis, fibrous and eventual death
Created by: atesta0824