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PTCB study questions and answers

What is the Generic for Caduet amlopidine/atorvastatin (calcium channel blocker/antihyperlipidemic)
drugs ending in "PRIL" ACE inhibitors (Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme Inhibitors)
drugs ending in "PINE" Calcium Channel Blocker
Procardia nifedipine - *do not crush or chew; avoid sunlight exposure while on drug*
drugs ending in "OLOL" Beta Blockers
Where is Aransep stored? darbepoetin - In the refrigerator - It is an injectable man-made protein that helps your body produce red blood cells. The amount of this protein in your body may be reduced when you hsave kidney failure or use certain medications (chemo).
What is BenzaClin? clindamycin/benzol peroxide (used for acne)
OTC drug for acne benzol peroxide
What is an automatic stop order for? Antibiotics
What could you do to lessen medication errors? Put a zero before a deci point
What could you do to lesson errors entering orders on the wrong paitients? Picture Identification
What is the classification of Depakote (valproic acid)? Anticonvulsant
Red Book AWP prices of drugs
Reconstitution of Amoxicillin has to be refrigerated for 14 days
DEA Number have to have it to prescribe/dispense/order controlled substances. know how to calculate
Poison Prevention Packaging Act child resistant containers
Who can sign the form requesting vials w/o child proof caps? customer (patient) 18 years or older
When repacking what date do you use when you heat seal medications? 1 year
What are you doing when you blister pack a medication? Prepacking
What information do you put on the prepacking log after you finish prepacking? Lot #
MedWatch report? To report adverse drug reactions, Class 1 serious and life threatening, FDA regulates, processed online
In which hood does the air blow towards the operator? Horizontal Laminar Hood, Work must be done 6 inches in, you have to wait at least 30 minutes to use once on, Clean wipe off pole, clean sides top to bottom, left to right, back to front long strokes, Chemo filtered indide, Vertical air blows top to bottom
How long do you leep DEA form 222? 2 years
How often do CII's have to be inventoried? Monthly, they are counted continually, if you dispense a CII you have to sign it out
What filter straw used for? Ampuls Micron filter
Nitroglycerin Must be kept in its original packaging, protect from sunlight and in an amber glass bottle, does not have to be in child proof container, given SL, Can not have viagra
Accutane (isotretinoin) Contraindicated with pregnacy, "I pledge not to get pregnant" no refills
If you have a heart condition you can not take what drug? Viagra (sildenafil)
What class is azithromycin, clarithromycin, and erythromycin in? Macrolide antibiotics end in "mycin"
Diovan (valsartan) HTN
Paxi paroxetine - SSRI drug prescribed for depression/OCD
What class is Ritalin (methulphenidate) CII
Where is a otic drug administered? Ear
Where is an aural drug administered? Ear
Where is the best place to look for information on where a drug should be stored? Read Package insert
Buspar buspirone
What is OBRA 90? mandatory patient counceling and drug utilization review (DUR)
What does ac mean? before meals
What does pc mean? After meals
If you need an antihistamine which medication woulf pull off the shelf? Claritin (loratidine)
Where is Augmentin (amoxicillin clavulanate) stored after reconstitued? Refrigerator
Smoking Cessation drug burpropion (wellbutrin)
WHat is room temperature range? 59 - 86 F
what is Januvia (sitagliptine)prescribed for? Diabetes
What class is Dilaudid (hydromorphone)? CII
Carafate sulcrafate
Which drug is found on a crash cart? atropine, epinephrine & sodium bicarbonate
What expiration date is put on a crash cart? The medication that has the earliest expiration date
What does the letter A stand for in the Orange Book? Bioequivalent
If a pregnant woman wants to check her blood sugar what would she use? Ketostix
NDC national drug code, number sequence 5-4-2 manufacture drug product pkg size
Aldactone spironolactone
Glucophage metformin (for diabetes)
What medication is given to a patient to because their white blood cell count is low because they are receiving chemotherapy? Neupogen (filgrastim)
What is given for Tylenol overdose acetycysteine, max of APAP is 4g in 24 hrs
Who can chart on an MAR? Nurse
What do you do with recalled drugs? Return to wholesaler
What drug is given to chemotherapy paitents for N&V? Zofran (ondansetron)given for emesis
Which drug is a COX-2 and the only one one the market? Celebrex (celcoxib)
If a patient is allergic to PCN, what drug should you dispense? Macrolide Antibiotic
Where is all insulin stored? Refrigerator
What drug would you have to wear PPE to protect you from birth defects? Chemotherapy/Antineoplastics
What is vitamin B6? pyridoxine
What is Vitamin B12? cyanocobalamine - enhances red blood cells
What Vitamins are fat-soluable? vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E & vitamin K
Where do you file controlled substances invoices? CII invoices filed together, CIII-CV filed together, all other drug invoices filed together.
What controlled substances can you receive faxed prescriptions for? CIII-CV
What is unique about oarl syringes? you cant attach a needle to it
What is an antipyretic drug? for fever
What is an antitussive drug? for cough
What is an antipruritic drug? for itching
What is an antiemetic drug? for vomiting
Drugs ending in "STATIN" are for high cholesterol (antihyperlipidemics)
What is the government agency that oversees drug diversion? FDA
Nitroglycerin is available in what forms? topical patch, ointment, and tablet
drugs ending "PRAZOL" Proton Pump Inhibitors - PPI
What injectable drug must be refrigerated? Enbrel for RA
If a customer hands you a prescription for amlodipine (Norvasc) and it is dated for 2 months ago, what do you do? Call the doctor and verify if they still want patient to have the medication?
If the customer is taking APAP, Trimox, and Phenergan, why should they not take Tylenol PM? APAP is the generic name of Tylenol, double dipping
Where do you go for a DAW? Physician
If a prescription comes in for Synthroid and the 3rd party insurance will not pay for the brand name, what could be considered a medical exception? Proven failure of generic drug
drugs ending in "TIDINE" H2 blockers
Guaifensen is to be kept at what temp? Room Temp
Definition of trituration? Pulverize
How is Bactroban (muprocin) taken? topically, for impetigo
drugs ending "conazole" antifungals
If a pharmacy does compounding where should it take place? away from high traffic areas
Amaryl glimepride
Zyloprim allopurinol (antigout)
how are liquid mesurements taken? at the bottom of the meniscus
Adjudication the process by which prescriptions are transmitted on-line for payment to a third party payer
Drug given for an overdose of Lanoxin(digoxin)/cardiac glycoside and is for CHF Digibind
What proof does any pharmacy use that they recived the drug order? Invoice
P&T Committee Pharmacy & Therapeuticd Committee) delevops the formulary and can make adjustments to the formulary
What suppository has to be stored in the refrigerator? Phenergan (promethazine)
Which eye medication has to be stored in the refrigerator? Xalatan (lntanoprost)- changes eye color
Cialis tadalafil
Catapres (clonidine) HBP - available in topical patch; canged weekly
If you had to destroy contaminated items where would you put them to destroy them? put in red biohazard trash bags
If there is a difference in the federal law vs. the state law, which do you follow? the more stringent of the two
What do you clean all the pharamcy equipment with? 70% isopropylo alcohol
What are the special instructions for someone taking NSAIDs Take with food or milk
What injection is just below the ist layer of skin? Subcutaneous (SQ/SC)
Sudafed (pseudoephedrie) an OTC that is kept behind the counter. In order to purchase it, you must be 18 years old and provide your ID a proof
What is the most common side effect for adults taking ASA? gastrointestinalupset
Z-pak, Zithromax (azithromycin) take 2 the 1st day, then 1 for 4 more days
When compounding items in bulk, what do you put on the label? Name if the item yo are compounding.
What are you allowed to ee on the computer screen when you are doing 3rd party billing? The co-payment the paitent will have to pay for the prescription
Husband comes in and wants the pharmacy to print off the list of medications his wife is on, what do you do? Pharmay needs a signed conset form from the wife to allow the husband to recieve the list of meds his wife is on or husband wants printout of his wife's insurance information - you need signed consent from th wife to give him the information.
Drug for a narcotic overdose? Narcan (naloxone) it blocks the narcotic from being absorbed
If you recieveyour drug order and the vaccine that is stored in the freezer arrives thawed out, what do you do? Return it to he wholesaler (if that isnt a choice pick destroy it)
Where would you keep flu vaccine? Refrigerator 2-8 C
Investigational drugs are stored where in the pharamcy? Locked up in the safe
If a customer has a prescription for an investigational drug and you dont have any in the pharmacy, what should you do? Refer them to investigational pharmacist, infrmed consent is needed before dispensing
what is an inert ingredient? placebo
Redman's syndrome is the side effect of what drug? vancomycin
Lexapro escitalopram
what is a slurry? Maalox/benadryl/Lidocaine. Patient swishes and swallow and sometimes they swish ans spit
How much of each ingrediaent would you put in a slurry? Equal amounts of each drug
What is on a unit dose package? Drug name, ot #, expiration date, manufacturer
What is the benefit of dispensing drugs in a unit dose package? Individually wrapped tabs/caps remain sterile and can be returned to stock if not used for a patient, patient is given credit, therefore decreases cost.
TPN 3 main components
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