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FH ecco2 c6 vocab

comando command, order
frigo fridge
frigorifero refrigerator
invenzione invention
ladro thief
mostro monster
ordine order
programma program
riconoscimento recognition
rotella small wheel
tavolo table
voce voice
abbaiare to bark
costruire to build
gustare to taste
installare to install
ordinare to order
pagare to pay
provare to try
programmare to program
riconoscere to recognize
riprogrammare to reprogram
rispondere to answer, respond
smettere di to stop (doing something)
ubbidire to obey
ottimo excellent
pericoloso dangerous
umano human
vocale vocal
chiaramente clearly
lentamente slowly
semplicemente simply
andare a trovare to go to see, visit
dire stupidaggini to talk nonsense
fare il muso to sulk
aspettare to wait for
andare da to go to see, visit
pagare to pay
smettila stop it
sedia chair
trovare to find
il riciclaggio recycling
i rifiuti garbage
la spiaggia beach
le stoviglie dishes
la tela cloth
acquistare to purchase
basttare to be enough
durare to last
fare la spesa to do the shopping
inquinare to pollute
salvare to save
sprecare to waste
acceso/a illuminated
adatto/a suitable
invece instead
percio therefore
il rubinetto faucet
aprire to open, turn on (faucet)
chiudere to close, turn off (faucet)
un impianto elettronico piece of electronic equipment
accendere to light, turn on (electr.equip.)
spegnere to put out, turn off (electr.equip.)
Created by: gdirosario