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Clothing Analysis

Terms and Definitions for Clothing Analysis Final

bound buttonhole Rectangular hole in the fabric that is bound or faced and backed with narrow strips of fabric that meet like lips to cover the opening.
buttonhole twist Heavy, lustrous thread
broken seam Seam that has split apart because the stitches have broken
finish pressing Pressing done at end of assembly process; also called off pressing.
facing Piece of fabric used to finish raw edges of a garment; the facing is turned to the inside of the garment so that it backs or faces the garment at the edge.
flat seam Joint in which raw edges are abutted (or sometimes slightly overlapped) and sewn together; also called butt seam or exposed seam.
two-piece sleeve Sleeve consisting of two portions; the main sleeve piece and a second narrow, shaped sleeve piece under the arm.
french seam A "seam within a seam"; operator sews a narrow plain seam with the back sides of the fabric plies together and then sews a slightly wider plain seam with the face sides of the fabric plies together to encase the seam allowances of the first seam.
gorge line Seam where collar and lapel meet
kimono sleeve Sleeve cut as one with the body of the garment.
monogram embroidery that forms the initials of the wearer's name.
raglan sleeve sleeve attached to the garment witha diagonal seam that runs from the underarm to the neckline of the garment.
plain seam simple, superimposed seam; appears as a line with no visible stitches on the outside of the garment, but the seam allowances are visible inside the garment; the most common seam for sewing structural garments.
thread shank thread wrapped around the stitches between the button and the garment, suspending the button away from the fabric.
topstitching visible, decorative stitching done on the outside of the garment; also called accent stitching.
underlap pience of fabric underneath a closure.
placket finished structural opening in a garment that allows a body part to pass through for dressing and undressing.
seams Joint resulting when two or more fabric pieces are sewn together.
seam pucker lack of seam smoothness that detracts from the appearance of the garment.
seam grin unsightly result that occurs when the seamline spreads open, exposing the stitches so taht they appear similar to the teeth of a grin.
seam stay any stable, narrow, nonbulky tape, ribbon, fabric strip, or other device used to stabilize a seam.
underpressing pressing during construction.
slit buttonhole buttonhole with raw edges; a slit in the fabric that serves as a buttonhole.
waistband curtain prefabricated waistband facing that consists of a strip of firmly woven fabric attached to a bias-cut piece of interfacing; the lower edge of the curtain is a bias-cut fold of fabric.
Created by: beachbunni