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Retail Test # 1

Module 2

When can a prescription be given without a childproof cap? If a waiver is signed
What is the maxium adult daily dose for ASA? 4 G
What is the top cause of death in the United States? Medication errors
Who is allowed to receive a new prescription over the phone? Pharmacist and pharmacy intern
The first set of digits of an NDC number represents what product element? Manufacturer
How long should a prescription be kept on file in a pharmacy? 3 years
DEA Drug Enforcement Administration
Which type of FDA recall is issued when a manufacturer labeling error results in patient death? Class 1
Medications obtained without a prescription? OTC (over the counter)
How many grams is 1 pound? 454 g
to give out? disp
The middle set of digit of an NDC number represent product element? Product description
How many milliliters are in one tablespoonful? 15 mL
How many quarts are contained in one gallon? 4
4 ounces contains how many mL? 120 mL
Auxilary labels are? Warning labels
twice daily BID
How many milliliters are in 1 liter? 1000 mL
What is the proper temp for a pharmacy refrigerator? 36-46 degrees Fahrenheit
When should the counting tray be cleaned with alcholol? Before and after use
How many inches are in one foot? 12 inches
According to Federal law, what type of prescription can be transferred ONE time only? Controlled substance
What is the abbreviation for aspirin? ASA
The shelf life of nitroglycerin SL tabs is only good for? 3 months
Prescription are usually filed by? Prescription #
What is the abbrev. for acetaminophen (Tylenol)? APAP
What insulin requires a prescription? Humalog
The last digits of the NDC number represents what product element? Package size
A suspension should always have the following auxiliary label? Shake well
Insulin? 28 days only
ou each eye
Created by: Leighlee49