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Theology Midterm

chapters 1-8

the entry of Jesus' humanity into the divine glory in God's heavenly domain ascension
the ascension occured__________. 40 dats after Easter
the day the Holy spirit was given & communicated as a divine person to the church; fulfilling the paschal mystery of Christ pentecost
pentecost is also known as the birthday of the church
belief in one God monotheism
was the central belief of the Jewish faith monotheism
3 religions that use monotheism judaism; christianity; islam
when the jewish nation did not exist & Jewish leaders were exiled Babylonion captivity
also known as the "kingdom of God" reign of God
someone who will become kind & restore Israel to peace & prosperity messiah
the belief in the messiah was traditionally_______. Jewish
witness to the truth of faith; in which they endure death to be faithful to Christ martyr
who was the first martyr? Stephen
declarations allowing religious freedom in the Roman empire edict of milan
who signed the edict of milan? constantine & licinius
were attacked but not killed by animals & had to be executed by gladiators Perpetua & Felicity
assistant to the bishop or priest deacon
one who hols a position on an article of faith that conflicts with the officially defined teachings heretic
Christian thinker who defended & explained Christian beliefs apologist
denial that God exists athiesm
son of God consumed human nature & became man for our salvation incarnation
correct teachings about basic christian beliefs orthodoxy
books that make up the new & old testaments canon
deposit of faith handed down through apostolic succession tradition
sign of grade by which divine life is dispensed to us through the work of the holy spirit sacrament
unbaptized person preparing for membership into the church catechumen
adopting christian balues of culture where you live assimilation
shepard of a particular churhc entrusted to him bishop
elder or priest presbyter
how many persecutions? 10
burnt down rome & blamed it on the christians nero
began empire wide persecutions which caused the christians to flee domitian
ask Traja what to do about Christians and he said dont seek them out but if found they should be punished pliny
said to worship roman gods; had a certificate decius
divided the east & west diocletian
meeting of bishops that condemned arianism council of nicaea
the council of nicaea was the first________. ecumenical council
designation for church leaders during the early centuries of chrisianity whose teachings formulated christian doctrines & practices fathers of the church
bishop of milan who wrote books on scripture ambrose
who did ambrose inspire? augustine
bishop of hippo augustine
augustine's book is called _______. confessions
who created the vulgate jerome
scriptures translated into latin vulgate
leader of christian community in major cities of the roman empire patriarch
religion based on gods will as it was revealed to muhammed islam
apostle of ireland who was put in prison saint patrick
christs work of redemption accomplished by passion; death; resurrection & ascension paschal mystery
founder of the islamic religion muhammed
muslims journey to mecca; marks the beginning of the islam calendar hijrah
gift of participation in the life of god to respond to vocation grace
division that marks the events in the life of christ liturgical calendar
3 days of prayer before the ascension to ask blessing on the harvest rogation days
place where baptisms are celebrated; it is a section of the church baptistry
church of historical signficance basilica
no sex & remaining umarried celibacy
people who spread christian message to other lands missionaries
meeting that determined which style of christianity would be use in england synod of whitby
king pepins part of italy governed by the pope donation of pepin
section of italy ruled by the pope papal states
king of the franks who was crowned roman emperor in 800 by the pope charlemagne
charlemagne was also called "____" 2nd constantine
social form of interlocking relationshhip based on use of land in payment for military services feudalism
meeting of cardinals to elect a pope conclave
offical separastion of eastern church & western church aka great schism east-west schism
wrote "summa theologica" st. thomas aquianus
wars fought to free the holy land crusades
founded the friars minor & recieved stigmata st. francis
period during which 2 and then 3 people claimed to have papal authority western schism
3 people claiming to be pope during schism gregory; benedict; john
communion of god; highest form of expression mysticism
process of spain identifying & punishing non-christian heretics spanish inquisition
posted the 95 thesis martin luther
what was luthers main concern? selling of indulgences
wanted to test longstanding notions by direct observation galileo
used his priesthood to serve those in neeed Vincent de Paul
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