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vocabulary workshop

Level A unit 9

vocabulary wordmeaning
avenge 1 to get revenge for, get even for, settle a score
avenge 2 to punish someone or get satisfaction for a wrong or injury
cede 1 to give up, surrender
cede 2 to hand over to another
deluge 1 a great flood
deluge 2 a heavy fall of rain
deluge 3 anything that comes in vast quantity
deluge 4 to flood
discretion 1 good judgement
discretion 2 care in speech and action
discretion 3 freedom to judge or choose
giddy 1 dizzy
giddy 2 light headed
giddy 3 lacking seriousness
impact 1 the striking of one object against another
impact 2 the shock caused by a collision
impact 3 to affect especially forcefully
intimidate 1 to make timid or frightened by threats
intimidate 2 to use fear to get someone to do (or not to do) something
liberate 1 to free from bondage or domination
liberate 2 to release
logical 1 reasonable
logical 2 making use of reason and good sense
misrepresent to give a false or untrue idea
optional 1 left to one's own choice
optional 2 not required
outright 1 complete
outright 2 instantaneous
outright 3 without reservation
rendezvous 1 to meet in accordance with a plan
rendezvous 2 a meeting by agreement
rendezvous 3 a meeting place
rotund 1 rounded and plump
rotund 2 full or rich in sound
saunter 1 to stroll
saunter 2 walk in an easy, leisurely way
saunter 3 a stroll
sluggish 1 lazy
sluggish 2 slow moving
sluggish 3 not active, dull
subordinate 1 lower in rank or position, secondary
subordinate 2 one who is in a lower position or under the orders of someone else
subordinate 3 to put in a lower or secondary position
tint 1 a delicte color or hue
tint 2 a slight trace of something
tint 3 to give color to something
tint 4 to dye
variable 1 likely to undergo change
variable 2 changeable
variable 3 a value or quntity that varies
variable 4 a symbol for a value or quntity that varies
verge 1 the point at which something begins or happens
verge 2 a border
verge 3 to incline, tend toward, approach
verge 4 to be in the process of becoming something else
Created by: sebbott