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SociologyQA # 2

Sociology QA#2 Review 2012Mrs. Furbush

Judging others in terms of one's own standards is called Ethnocentrism
Group that is made up of people who are emotionally close, know one another well, and seek out each others' company Primary Group
Teachers and Students--Primary or Secondary Relationship? Secondary Relationship
How can Deviance benefit society? Cause Needed Social Change
What are some costs of deviance? It can cause nonconforming behavior in others, it is expensive, it erodes trust
This type of deviances refers to deviance as a lifestyle and personal identity Secondary Deviance
What is Deterrence? Approach to crime control that discourages criminal acts by the threat of punishment
What are the four types of crime control? Retribution, Deterrence, Incarceration, Rehabilitation
What is a social class? A group in the population that holds similar amounts of the resources and share values, norms, and an identifiable lifestyle
A widely held negative attitude toward a group and its members is called Prejudice
Acting on a prejudice is called Discrimination
Reference Group Group whose norms and values are used to guide behavior and with whom a person identifies
Three characteristics of Primary Groups are Small Size, Face-to-face contact, & Continuous Contact
Primary or Secondary Group? Our Sociology class Secondary
Primary or Secondary? A Family Primary
Cooperation Interaction in which group members work together to reach a goal
Which historical event prompted Jane Elliot to conduct her famous blue eyed/brown eyed experiment? Assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
In the Milgram experiment, which group gave the shocks? Teacher
In this experiment, the people took on the roles of prisoners and prison guards Stanford Experiment
What happened in the Asche Experiment? People changed their answers to conform to the group
Which group is most likely to be sentenced to the Death penalty? Blacks
The goal of this punishment is to resocialize criminals Rehabilitation
What is Conformity? Behavior that matches society's expectations or norms
Stealing gum one time from Wal-mart is an example of what type of deviance? Primary
Judging a culture based on its norms and values is called Cultural Relativism
What is a stereotype? A distorted, exaggerated, or oversimplified image applied to a category of people
Retribution Approach to crime control that makes criminals pay for their crimes
Incarceration Approach to crime control that keeps criminals off the street
What is groupthink? going along with the group despite not agreeing with them
What happened in the Kitty Genovese incident? A woman was murdered outside her apartment with many witnesses but no one called the police. Caused by the bystander effect--everyone thought someone else would help. The more people at a scene, the less likely people are to call for help.
Is there a difference between being deivant and being criminal? Yes, being deviant just means not following the norms. Being criminal means breaking a norm that is also a law.
Why is crime an economic problem in the US? It costs one million dollars to keep a person in jail for life. Crime costs the US more than 400 Billion dollars a year.
Why is crime a social problem in the US? Need to discuss specific examples of how crime has impacted the people in "the Killing Fields of America".
Created by: sfurbush
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