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Surgical Asepsis C18

pt. care surgical asepsis

Chemical sterilization immersion of clean items in a bath of germicidal solution and a sterile water rinse. Least effective. Considered high level disinfection Used to sterilize devices that come into contact with mucous membranes.
Autoclave sterilization provides steam sterilization under pressure.Most common. Quickest and most convenient. Sterilizes anything that can withstand heat and moisture
Conventional Gas sterilization combo fo gases and temps. For items that would be damaged by high temps.
Gas Plasma sterilization items are cleaned wrapped and placed in a mobile unit where low temp hydrogen peroxide gas plasma kills microogranisms and spores. Used to sterilize endoscopes, fiberoptic devices, microsurgical equipment and powdered instruments
dry heat sterilization similar to an oven used to sterilize items that are sealed.
Sterility indicators chemical, biological, gamma,
sterile fields microorganisms free area prepared for the use of sterile supplies and equipment
considered sterile if: clean, dry unopened. exp. date has not been exceeded sterility indicators indicate sterility.
procedures that require skin prep puncture, incision.
open method sterile gloving used by rts who will not be gowning, but need sterile gloves to prepare a sterile field. Use when assisting.
closed method sterile gloving used by anyone gowning for a sterile procedure . Used when performing.
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