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religion midterm

religion III midterm

morality capacity to choose good or evil
christian morality our response to jesus
grace sharing in god's life
morality as an art and science critical thinking and imagination
2 steps to the secret of happiness draw near to christ and listen to his instruction
the most important norm for a believer divine law or scripture
what does "full of grace" mean? being open to the joys and pains of life
from what scripture reference does the word talent first arrive from? Matthew 25: 14-17
what does christian vision call for? imagination
what 2 concepts does christian morality imply? freedom and knowledge
Latin root of virtue strength
doing whatever we want to do license
having a sense of who we truly are and being who God has created us to be authentic freedom
5 characteristics of love giving, caring, responsibility, respect, knowledge
4 cardinal virtues prudence, temperence, fortitude, justice
agape unconditional love
2 core principles of human morality human dignity and community
heart of moral life virtue
3 things conscience is awareness of God's call to be; awareness of God's call to know; judgment of intellect
Latin root of conscience with knowledge
2 things conscience involves knowing and doing
3 dimensions of conscience awareness;development; judgment
what it means to follow your conscience WWJD?
biblical term that is closest to conscience heart
hardest part of the SEER method execute
main concern of Vatican II Bishops human dignity
official teachers of the church magisterium
innermost part of who we are conscience
change of heart conversion
what are 2 things we must constantly do to our conscience form and inform it
what 3 things must we do in prayer for rightful decisions? listen; pay attention; ask the Holy Spirit for strength
1st beatitude blessed are they who are poor in spirit, theirs is the kingdom of God
2nd beatitude blessed are they who mourn, they will be comforted
3rd beatitude blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth
4th beatitude blessed are they who hunger and thirst for righteousness, they will be satisfied
5th beatitude blessed are the merciful, they will be shown mercy
6th beatitude blessed are they who are pure of heart, for they will see God
7th beatitude blessed are the peacemakers, they will be called children of God
8th beatitude blessed are they who are persecuted for the sake of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of God
"For where your treasure is, there also will be your heart." Matthew 6:21
Christ identifies himself with the poor and needy Matthew 25
Beatitudes begin and end Matthew 5: 3-11
2 things in which Jesus places the concept of morality love and response
How does Jesus sum up the sermon on the mount? "be perfect as the heavenly father is perfect
what 2 ways do we help contribute to the communion of saints? standing up for the rights of others and helping others when they are sick
what is st. Paul's analogy of the body? many parts come together to make one
what scripture reference is st. Paul's analogy in? 1 Corinthians 12: 12-24
how is the earth used as a part of the image of the body of Christ? when 1 part hurts, all hurt
where does faith come from? Romans 10:17
what is faith? Hebrews 11:1
What proves our faith is real? James 2:14-18
How does Jesus love us? John 15:8-17
what does 7 mean? completeness
List the 7 capital sins Greed, lust, sloth, gluttony, pride, anger, envy
3 ways the church defines sin offense against reason; failure in love for God and neighbor; deed or desire contrary to eternal law
what gifts were bestowed on Adam and Eve? grace, great knowledgs, control of passsions, and freedom from pain and suffering
what replace adam's and eve's gifts after original sin? original sin, ignorance, inclination to sin, suffering and death
three things necessary for a mortal sin object chosen, mindful of wrong, give full consent
in what old testament book does God promise to replace our hearts of stone? Ezekial
5 characteristics of law provides good order, protects welfare and rights, names minimum requirements, stated in negative terms, and reveal what's important
2 types of revealed law old and new testaments
3 ways the new law is summarized love, freedom,and grace
3 central elements common good consists of respect life; social well being of a group; and peace
no authority except God's and those authorities that exist have been instituted by God Romans 13:1
3 elements actions consist of Actions express who we are, they make or form who we will be, and they impact the world around us
2 ways to stretch our point of view seek alternatives and consider possible effects
calling on God and asking Him to help us in our decision making prayer
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